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Free Sparkler app helps Utah parents track their young child’s developmental milestones

It’s well known parenthood doesn't come with an instruction manual — or at least it hasn't, until now. The Help Me Grow Utah program introduced a new app to help parents along the way.
2 months ago

Teaching children to regulate emotions early is essential to future success, experts say 

Teaching kids how to regulate emotions early is essential to future success.
3 months ago

7th grade football player spreads mental health awareness after losing teammate to suicide

A 12-year-old boy is working to raise awareness after his football teammate died by suicide in October 2022.
10 months ago

Why protecting your child’s hearing should be top of mind this holiday weekend

Summertime often means attending fun, loud events like rodeos, sporting events, and this holiday weekend, lots of fireworks shows.
1 year ago

Jordan School District prioritizing mental health for students and staff

In 2021, 3-in-5 teen girls said they felt persistently sad and hopeless, and more than 1-in-4 girls reported they seriously considered attempting suicide -- up significantly since 2011.
1 year ago

Utah drops out of top 10 states for highest suicide rate, but experts remain concerned

For the first time in years, Utah is not in the top 10 states for the highest suicide rate. While some may be quick to applaud the improvement, Utah's suicide experts share why they remain concerned.
1 year ago

Intermountain Healthcare introduces Long COVID Navigation Program hotline

Some studies estimate more than 100 million people who had COVID-19 have or continue to have prolonged symptoms lasting months, and in some cases years. These chronic symptoms can be life altering, which is why Intermountain Healthcare is getting creative about their care. One Cedar City woman is sharing her story.
2 years ago

Why one Utah mother believes all postpartum women should go to physical therapy

One Utah mother wishes the help she got was standard practice of care for every postpartum woman.
2 years ago

Study: Colon Cancer on the rise in young Hispanic American adults

About 50,000 people die from colorectal cancer in the U.S. every year. Recent studies show this deadly disease hits certain demographics harder than others. That's why one Utah man is sharing his story.
2 years ago

Herriman mother warns others about the danger of fentanyl after losing her son

Fentanyl-related overdoses and deaths have risen dramatically through the pandemic. One Herriman mother who lost her son is now pleading with others to be aware of the danger.
2 years ago

Heart disease is on the rise for women during the pandemic

Recent studies show more women are at risk for increased heart disease during the pandemic. It's a sobering reminder this February, during National Heart Health Month. One Sandy woman is making her heart health a priority after battling a blood cancer that put her into heart failure.
2 years ago

How to start exercising safely again after having COVID-19

Hundreds of thousands of Utahns have now had COVID-19, and though for many amateur athletes it may be tempting to train like an Olympian, doctors say now is not the time. One Utah runner shared his experience after contracting the Delta variant last fall.
2 years ago

Olympic Mogul Skier Hannah Soar trains at Intermountain Healthcare’s Sports Science Lab 

22-year-old Hannah Soar is making her Olympic debut this year as a U.S. women’s mogul skier. 
2 years ago

Intermountain’s HerediGene population study highlights genetic underpinnings behind vertigo

Because of vertigo, for Stephanie Nay, everyday tasks like driving became nearly impossible two and a half years ago.
3 years ago

Teaching Children To Count Before They Start Kindergarten Gives Them Life-Long Skills

If little children, five years old and younger, have been learning numbers and counting in the home, experts said they will be better prepared for the classroom. One Orem mother shared how she takes advantage of everyday activities to teach her son.
3 years ago

Walk-With-A-Doc: Managing Pain Through Regular Exercise

Whether or not we like it, pain is part of life. But experts say lifestyle changes like nutrition, sleep, and exercise can help you manage that pain. One mother and daughter explained how they are taking action.
3 years ago

Study Shows Children Eat More Calories In Post-Game Snacks Than They Expend On The Field

A BYU study shows kids eat more calories in post-game snacks than they burn during the actual game. With a childhood obesity rate of 19 percent in the United States, dieticians are concerned. One Utah dad and coach said he is keeping health a priority on the field.
3 years ago

Talking To Children Is Critical For Brain Development, No Matter What Language Is Spoken

A child's vocabulary grows every single day, making it important for parents to talk with their children as often as possible, no matter what language they speak at home.
3 years ago

Utah Physician Helps 80-Year-Old Cancer Patient With 3 Powerful Words

A cancer diagnosis is often about more than just the cancer itself. The treatment can affect every part of someone's overall health and well-being. One Utah woman said she was grateful for an attentive physician who helped her through the emotional pain she experienced as she went through treatment during the pandemic.
3 years ago

How To Retain Valuable Lessons Learned During The Pandemic Moving Forward

The pandemic has been a time of devastating loss for so many and it has challenged our resilience. In turn, many found this time to be a period of growth or a time to reevaluate what's most important in life. KSL TV Reporter Aley Davis explores what it will take to remember these life lessons post-pandemic.
3 years ago

Utah Man Survives Stroke, Urges Others To Know The Signs

Only about 40% of Americans can identify all five major symptoms of a stroke — a scary figure when quick treatment is critical for recovery. A 45-year-old Utah man said he's grateful his wife knew the signs when he suffered an ischemic stroke in February.
3 years ago

Utah Expert Explains The Difference Between COVID-19, Allergy Symptoms

Do you feel like your seasonal allergies are worse this year? You're not alone. And with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, confusing symptoms can be nerve-wracking. One Utah expert explained the difference.
3 years ago

Reading To Young Children Stimulates Brain Development, Creates Nurturing Environment

Research from the 5B45 initiative showed the more words little children were exposed to, especially before they turn five-years-old, the better. Experts said reading not only builds their brains, but helps a child feel nurtured and loved.
3 years ago

Utah Kidney Transplant Patient Grateful For Vaccine

While all adults will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine in just a few weeks, experts said there is a reason those with underlying health conditions have been given priority. One Utah kidney transplant recipient shared why he was grateful he was able to get the shot.
3 years ago