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Ayanna Likens is an Emmy award-winning special projects reporter for KSL TV.

Why unstructured play is crucial to a child’s development

Imagination and play are key to healthy childhood development, different types of play impact how a child develops.
8 months ago

A resource to help connect with your tween

Navigating the transition from childhood to teen years can be difficult as kids experience new emotions for the first time.
9 months ago

Why your nutritional needs change as you age

A Utah dietician gives advice for nutritional needs as adults age.
9 months ago

‘Food is Medicine’: New thinking about hospital food

When you think of a hospital, 5-star dining doesn't come to mind. Intermountain Health chefs are working to change that.
9 months ago

LGBTQ+ Teens tend to suffer more from mental illness and suicide ideation, study shows

Teens across the United States are struggling more and more with mental illness and suicide ideation, especially LGBTQ+ teens.
9 months ago

Why it’s important to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle

As we approach the 100 Deadliest Days on the road, Intermountain Health doctors said this is the time of year we see more motorcycle drivers on the road and less helmets, but it's crucial to wear one.
10 months ago

Richfield family remembering 15-year-old who died in rollover crash

A family is grieving after the loss of their 15-year-old son, Erik Alldredge, who died in a rollover accident Tuesday night.
10 months ago

Successful business owner, co-founder of Burt Brothers Tires & Services passes away

Successful businessman, philanthropist, family man, and friend, Wendel Burt, passed away unexpectedly.
10 months ago

Why asthma symptoms can increase in the spring

Spring is known for allergies, but it can also increase asthma symptoms.
10 months ago

100-mile walk to Wendover raises awareness for suicide prevention

Several Utahns are taking part in the annual 100-mile walk to Wendover from Tooele City to raise awareness for suicide prevention.
10 months ago

Why it’s important to get your children vaccinated

It's World Infant Immunization Week, Intermountain Health doctors have highlighted the importance of getting your children under two vaccinated.
10 months ago

Free program helps older adults adjust to aging

Aging can come with some changes and challenges in our health, finances and quality of life, but there is a great resource that helps older adults adjust to some of those changes and thrive.
10 months ago

Draper community helps neighboring landslide homes evacuate

The Draper community came together Saturday after a neighborhood was rocked by an overnight landslide that destroyed two homes.
10 months ago

Online resource helps students learn about physical and mental health

Teaching kids how to keep their bodies healthy is important, a program through SelectHealth now offers a fun way to learn about physical and mental health inside the classroom.
10 months ago

Sandy police release body camera video of deadly officer-involved shooting

The Sandy Police Department released body camera video Friday of a deadly officer-involved shooting from March 26, where police took the call to help a mentally ill man.
10 months ago

Staying safe during spring activities

After months of snow, most of us are ready to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Whether you're playing a sport or hitting the trails - Intermountain Health says it's important to ease into it.
10 months ago

Good Samaritan donates his kidney to a stranger

More than 100,000 people are waiting for an organ transplant in the United States. Utah's waitlist for all organs is up to 900, with nearly 600 of them waiting for a kidney.
11 months ago

Why it’s important to create healthy habits with your children

Childhood obesity continues to rise, according to the CDC. Health experts say it's important to create healthy habits at a young age with your kids to ensure they have a healthy life.
11 months ago

Why bipolar episodes tend to rise in the spring

The change of seasons can be really hard for people who struggle with their mental health. Winter months can lead to more depression, and the shift to spring can lead to more bipolar episodes.
11 months ago

SLC airport suggests arriving early ahead of spring break travel

Salt Lake City International Airport is expecting high volumes of travel this week with more than 29,000 passengers to go through the airport.
11 months ago

Utah law professor comments on Paltrow ski crash trial as actress takes the stand

The first week of actress Gwyneth Paltrow's trial wrapped up Friday. Paltrow is being sued over a 2016 ski accident. A University of Utah Professor of Law said this trial is very unique.
11 months ago

How exercise helps with Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson's disease is affecting more and more people across the nation. While there is no cure, one thing is showing promise in improving symptoms.
11 months ago

How an outpatient program helped Salt Lake man overcome substance abuse

A Salt Lake man is sharing his story of overcoming opioid use and how Intermountain Health's outpatient program helped him.
11 months ago

Tooele residents prepare for flooding ahead of snow melt

After the record snowfall, and now rain in the forecast, many Tooele residents are filling up sandbags to prepare for any potential flooding.
12 months ago