Cindy St. Clair

Do costly election security measures hit the mark? KSL investigates

As you cast your vote, you may notice a new addition at ballot drop boxes: a surveillance camera. KSL Investigator Daniella Rivera looked at the costs, what the footage shows, and if it will prevent fraud.
2 years ago

It’s Utah’s most expensive race: Where is the money coming from?

With $25M already donated and spent, Utah’s senate race is the most expensive in our state’s history. So, where’s the money coming from?
2 years ago

How abortion laws will change in states surrounding Utah

The Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health allows states to reshape abortion laws. Utah’s trigger law will restrict abortion in most cases. Here’s a look at what laws will look like in surrounding intermountain states.
2 years ago

Map Reveals 5 Utah Zip Codes With Most COVID-19 Deaths

Over the last year, more than 2,100 Utahns died from COVID-19. Each was a loved family member, neighbor, or friend. As the anniversary of the first COVID-19 death in Utah approached, KSL Investigators wanted to know which communities were hit hardest with fatal coronavirus cases.
3 years ago