Ken Fall

Utah’s sports surge: What the state’s big plans could mean for future generations

Do big sports, big plans and big changes mean big wins for Utahns? From professional hockey to plans for Major League Baseball and another shot at the Olympic spotlight, the possibilities for Utah seem endless.
1 day ago

‘The Barefoot Dutchman’ and his remarkable trek for men’s mental health

Anton Nootenboom, "The Barefoot Dutchman", makes his way across the U.S. to spread awareness for men's mental health.
4 days ago

EXHAUSTED: Electric transit buses in Utah and the hope for a carbon neutral future

Does the UTA plan for all-electric buses make for dramatic air pollution reductions along the Wasatch Front?
3 months ago

Have you taken the time off you deserve? Your healthy self wants you to

Each year nearly half of American workers don't take all their paid time off. And that's generally not a good idea.
7 months ago

Robot named Lucy brings precision, comfort to kidney transplant surgery

Newlywed donates her healthy kidney to her husband, and a robot deserves some of the credit.
7 months ago

Lessons from one woman’s journey with depression

A toolkit of practices and therapies helped this mom find balance in life.
7 months ago

Technology advances in breast cancer screenings lead to early diagnosis

Intermountain Health offers mammograms each Saturday in October to be available to women on the weekends and to get ahead of cancer diagnoses.
8 months ago

Is there a ‘best time’ to exercise?

A new study suggests exercise in the morning may help with weight loss.
8 months ago

As fall begins, look inside the house to avoid dangerous falls

National Fall Prevention week coincides with the beginning of autumn. It’s the best time to ensure your loved ones are safe in their home.
8 months ago

Proper nutrition will help your child reach their academic peak

Make sure your kids are well fueled for those busy school days - dieticians say they need it!
8 months ago

Overcoming the grip of opioid dependence

Heber City woman moves past opioids to a life free from debilitating pain.
9 months ago

Boat Exhaust: Be aware of this silent killer

Carbon monoxide poisoning may be rare on Utah waterways, but the potential risk can be deadly.
9 months ago

Don’t delay: Everyone in your family needs a checkup

Back to school time might be the best time to get the entire family important checkups.
9 months ago

Back to school, keeping kids cool at recess

Thousands of Utah kids are heading back to the classroom and the school playground. But are they ready for the heat?
9 months ago

Improved diagnostics, treatments increase autism diagnoses in Utah minorities

For years, research found white children had the highest rates of autism, but, for the first time, diagnoses among historically under-served populations in Utah are now comparable with white children.
10 months ago

Program aims to improve outcomes of preterm births

With preterm births on the rise, the Healthy Beginnings program aims to nurture healthy pregnancies through support, education, and incentives.
10 months ago

Doctor house calls: Modern medicine looks to the past

A century ago, 40% of patients saw doctors at home. Today, those home visits are making a comeback in a unique program through Intermountain Health.
10 months ago

Rural cancer patients access care closer to home

Farmer Dave Walker credits a new clinic and online technology for peace of mind during his treatments.
11 months ago

Moms in rural Utah get breastfeeding support for their babies

For mom Chelsea Breur, breastfeeding is a must. She had great success with her first two children.
11 months ago

New knees and hips often lead to greater patient satisfaction

Surgery center opens on the campus of TOSH specializing in outpatient procedures.  Surgeries performed outside a hospital setting typically mean shorter stays and lower costs.
11 months ago

Healthy secret for retirement: Volunteer your time

For former Murray High School teacher and administrator Scott Bushnell, there was one thing he knew from the moment he retired. “I wanted to give back and I wanted to serve,” he said.
11 months ago

How good habits can lower your risk for the deadliest form of skin cancer

Utah has the highest rate of melanoma in the nation – more than double the national average. But if caught early, melanoma is highly curable.
12 months ago

Brain health: When memory issues should become cause for concern

June is Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. While subtle changes in our memory can be a normal sign of aging, some forgetfulness may signal it’s time to visit a doctor. Here’s how to tell the difference.
2 years ago

How to enjoy Utah’s mountain bike trails safely this summer

Utah is known for outdoor sports, but they don’t come without risk. Two Intermountain ER doctors share their advice for anyone looking to mountain bike in the backcountry.
2 years ago