President Biden lays wreath at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery

President Joe Biden is expected to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and participate in a ceremony in the Arlington National Cemetery’s amphitheater
7 hours ago

Man accused in the killing of two missing men earlier this year is facing additional charges

A man accused of killing two men missing from San Juan County earlier this year is facing additional charges.
2 days ago

Kouri Richins vows to prove innocence as new attorneys take over murder case

Richins sent voice recordings to multiple national media outlets maintaining she is innocent, after her attorneys asked to be released from the case.
3 days ago

‘Ransom: Position of Trust’: Uncle Hilty

Episode three of the true-crime podcast "Ransom: Position of Trust" focuses on the suspect Hilton Crawford.
3 days ago

Sundance film ‘Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story’ gets U.S. theatrical release

Sundance film "Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story" will get a special-even theatrical release in the U.S.
3 days ago

Here’s how much water is flowing to the Great Salt Lake as the snow melts

About 37% more water is flowing into the Great Salt Lake from its tributaries than in a typical year, according to federal data.
4 days ago

‘Ransom: Position of Trust’: Questioning Everything

Episode 2 of the true-crime podcast "Ransom: Position of Trust" looks at the early suspects in the case and explores Carl and Paulette's background.
4 days ago

‘Ransom: Position of Trust’: The Phone Call

Episode one of the true-crime podcast "Ransom: Position of Trust" explores the day McKay disappeared and the beginnings of the investigation.
5 days ago

‘The Letter Season 2’: Letters lead to meeting killer, life-changing moment

The sister of a murdered man reaches out to the killer. She did it without the knowledge of the rest of her family and it changed the course of all their lives.
6 days ago

Building a mental health toolkit

When life overwhelms you, sometimes there's not just one solution; which is good to have a variety of tools in your "mental health toolkit."
10 days ago

Jury finds man guilty of fatal DUI crash that killed toymaker

A man was convicted on Friday of causing a crash that killed a volunteer toymaker while driving under the influence.
10 days ago

Cold Case Cracked: Suspect charged 28 years after West Valley mother’s murder

A huge case break was announced Thursday in a horrific crime that became a total mystery in the West Valley City community, for nearly 30 years. 
10 days ago

Suspect in Utah cold case back in prison on unrelated parole violation

A registered sex offender who spent more than 30 years in prison for sexually assaulting multiple women in Ogden during the 1980s is back in custody, after four years on parole.
11 days ago

Scarlet’s journey: Unraveling the ribbons of genetic secrets

When Scarlet and her family participated in the 2022 Give-A-Thon, she was an active kindergartner with an undiagnosed genetic disorder that causes developmental delays and seizures.
11 days ago

‘The Letter Season 2’: A woman was lost in grief, until she wrote her brother’s killer a letter

The family of Jordan Rasmussen prepares to go to battle against the moves of a murderer trying to get out of prison. But no one was prepared for what they heard him say as he pleaded for leniency before the parole board.
13 days ago

Casey Scott visits Amber Bee’s Honey Butter

Casey Scott is whipping up some deliciousness with Amber from Amber Bee's Honey Butter! 
14 days ago

Get in the Games with Casey Scott and Provo Canyon Table Tennis 

Casey Scott visited Provo Canyon Table Tennis in Orem, where he got served all there is to know about the world of Table Tennis.
14 days ago

Sunday Edition: Brooke Walker

On this special Mother's Day episode, Brooke Walker, host and executive producer of KSL TV's Studio 5 joins the show.
15 days ago

Survey: About 33% of Salt Lake City students do not believe weapons detectors make school safer

In April, Salt Lake City School District board members briefly reviewed survey results of the new weapons detectors that were placed in local schools.
19 days ago

Life Sentences: The Letter explores grief, trauma and lingering effects

As time passed after the murders detailed in season 2 of “The Letter,” the families of Buddy Booth and Jordan Rasmussen continued to wrangle with their grief and trauma.
20 days ago

Sunday Edition: Eboo Patel and Sam Daley-Harris

Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith America joins Sunday Edition. Later, Sam Daley-Harris, American activist and author joins the conversation.
22 days ago

Jacob’s Inspiring Journey: Defying the odds with grit and determination

A 15-year-old boy is showing the world that a rare genetic disorder won't hold him back from enjoying life.
24 days ago

‘The Letter Season 2’: The changing colors of the chameleon

"The Letter Season 2: Ripple Effect" podcast explores what happened after two young fathers were murdered outside an iconic Utah restaurant in 1982.
27 days ago

Sunday Edition: Rabbi Brad Hirschfield and Aimee Winder Newton

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield, and later Aimee Winder Newton, senior advisor to Gov. Spencer Cox, join the show.
29 days ago