Keri Wilcox

Resources available to guide ‘sandwich generation’ through caregiving role

About one-quarter of U.S. adults are in the "sandwich generation" — raising kids while also caring for an aging parent. Getting support and connecting to resources is just a phone call away.
12 months ago

Proper concussion protocol key to recovery for young athletes

Of all the sports injuries high school athletes can encounter — one of the most serious can be concussion. A concussion care plan can help them fully heal and safely get them back in the game.
2 years ago

Matt Gephardt Joins Award-Winning KSL TV Investigative Team

Consumer reporter Matt Gephardt will work alongside Mike Headrick and Brittany Glas.
4 years ago

Safe in 60: Create A Safety Plan With Your Child

Salt Lake City Police respond to an average of 12 missing child calls a month. Fortunately, almost all of those children are found quickly and safely. If you find yourself in this situation, here's where to start.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Utah’s Two Worst Distracted Driving Behaviors

Distracted driving causes far too many accidents in Utah. According to the Utah Highway Safety Office, there were 5,748 distracted driver crashes in 2016 which resulted in 3,303 injuries and 27 deaths.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Rules Around Crosswalks And Pedestrian Safety

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Each year in Utah, about 30 pedestrians are hit and killed by drivers and another 785 injured, according to the Utah Highway Safety Office. More alarmingly, the number of auto-pedestrian accidents has increased for the seventh year in a row. I’ve found there is sometimes confusion about when a driver […]
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Protect Yourself From The Most Common Financial Scams

Thieves are always looking for ways to take your money and personal information, and they're getting more sophisticated.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Love Electric Scooters? Please Ride Responsibly

If you frequent downtown Salt Lake City, you've likely seen electric scooters. They are growing in popularity, and are quickly expanding to other communities around the state. They are fun to ride, but can cause safety hazards if you don't ride responsibly.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: New Lane Filtering Law Explained

Thirty-six people died in motorcycle accidents on Utah roads last year. A new law aims to prevent some of those accidents and help save lives.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Practice These Steps Each Time You Use an ATM

The next time you use an ATM, be mindful of safety. A few simple practices will help protect you and your money.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Make Sure To Register Your Bike

Hundreds of bikes are stolen each year, and very few make it back to their owners. But one easy step can increase your odds of getting yours back if it happens to you.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Take Precautions During Spring Runoff

All of the storms this winter means Utah has a great snowpack. But that also means higher than average spring runoff, which brings dangers around rivers and streams.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Utah’s Drug Take Back Day

This coming Saturday is Utah Take Back Day. The public can dispose of unused and expired medications at 50 locations around the state.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Plan Ahead to Safely Navigate Spring Road Construction

Getting around during road construction can be frustrating. But if you do a little homework before you go, you can avoid some of those delays.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Sex Assault Awareness Month

As April is the 18th annual Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, it's a good time to raise awareness about this very tough subject.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: How to Prepare for Spring Break

After a very snowy winter, many of you are looking forward to going somewhere warm for spring break. But before you leave town, take some measures to protect yourself.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Graduated Driver Licenses

Crashes are the number one killer of teens in the United States. In 1999, Utah enacted the Graduated Driver License Program to help ensure teens are taught safe driving habits from their parents.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Law Enforcement Explorer Program

If you have a teenager who is interested in law enforcement or just wants to get involved in the community, the Explorer program may be a good fit.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Salt Lake’s History of Female Police Officers

Women are an integral part of the Salt Lake City Police Department, but that wasn't always the case. Their role has changed significantly over the last 168 years.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Long History Of Policing In Salt Lake City

The Salt Lake City Police Department is one of the oldest in the country.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: How To Be A Good Witness

Witnesses are often the key to solving crimes, but being a good witness doesn't come naturally. As any officer will tell you, it takes practice.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: What Police Hope You Do During a Traffic Stop

Traffic stops are the most dangerous things officers do. More officers are killed and assaulted on traffic stops than any other event. Here's what you should do if you're stopped by police to keep you, other motorists and the officer safe.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Take An Inventory Before Disaster Strikes

If you experience a fire, burglary or other disaster, having an inventory of your possessions will save you valuable time.
5 years ago

Safe in 60: Are Locating Apps Right For Your Family?

As a parent, you need to decide if a locating app is right for you and your family. But I would like to share some things I have learned in my experience.
5 years ago