Mike Anderson

Weber County search and rescue urges hikers to prepare for emergencies

Search and crew crews worry that less-experienced hikers are getting into difficult areas due to a popular treasure hunt. 
8 days ago

Keeping luggage safe from thieves at the airport carousel

A Davis County family believes their luggage was stolen right off the airport carousel, and they're hoping to warn others to be prepared.
9 days ago

Newly-approved funding helps clear fuels for wildfires near homes

Firefighters in Ogden are working to prepare and protect high-risk areas from wildfires, thanks to new state funding approved in early 2024. 
10 days ago

Utah, Idaho top sales of Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut, getting bonus batch

Dr Pepper Creamy Coconut is one of several new flavors that have shown up in recent years. People in Utah and Idaho are drinking it up, more than anywhere else in the U.S.
13 days ago

Thunderbirds arrive in Utah, prepare for ‘Warriors Over The Wasatch’ air show

The Air Force Thunderbirds touched down on Thursday and are preparing for this weekend's Warriors Over the Wasatch air show.
14 days ago

Air show brings $50 million impact to Utah

The Warriors Over the Wasatch Airshow brings a $50 million economic impact to the state of Utah, as hundreds of thousands of people are drawn into Davis County.
14 days ago

Fire authorities worry that homeless encampments could lead to fire risk as temperatures rise

After Tuesday's fire that blazed nearby I-15 in Weber County, fire officials are worried about the dangerous mix of homeless encampments and dry fuels as the temperatures rise.  
15 days ago

Ice rinks serve as a spot to escape the summer heat

Some Utahns are heading to the ice as a way to escape the summer heat as temperatures get near 100 degrees again.
16 days ago

Tooele firefighters worry about ‘volatile’ conditions as fireworks go on sale in Utah

As fireworks go on sale Monday for Fourth of July celebrations, firefighters are dealing with some dangerous conditions in the West Desert.
17 days ago

Weber firefighters gear up for busy season, help homeowners prepare

Weber Fire District officials said they expect an uptick in fires following the recent wet cycle, something they've already been seeing around the state. Firefighters said there are some things you can do to prepare to help prevent fires from damaging your home or cabin.
20 days ago

USDOT adds new technology to improve road safety

USDOT announced that $20 million of federal funding will be used to program intersections along the Wasatch Front to communicate with emergency vehicles and buses to improve safety on Utah's roads.
21 days ago

USU set to receive a federal grant to help more people with disabilities nationwide

Utah State University will be creating a new program to help more people affected by disabilities get the tools they need to learn. 
22 days ago

Building on Utah’s pioneer-era ties with Iceland

While the Utah delegation explored the state's potential of using geothermal energy in Iceland, a pioneer-era connection grew the bond between the two.
27 days ago

Iceland facilities excite Utah delegation about geothermal possibilities

Some state leaders are learning how small geothermal plants could power communities of the future here in Utah. With access to geothermal water from the ground, there is a lot that can be done.
28 days ago

Utah delegation explores Iceland’s example in carbon capture to reduce emissions

A Utah delegation is looking to Iceland to help pave the way for a cleaner energy future for the state. 
29 days ago

Utah is looking to Iceland to map the state’s geothermal potential

A Utah delegation is visiting Iceland to see if the country could help the Beehive State achieve cleaner energy through geothermal energy. 
1 month ago

Utah delegation studies future geothermal potential in Iceland

More than a dozen Utah leaders visited Iceland to understand better how the country uses geothermal and renewable energy, intending to bring that knowledge to the Beehive State.
1 month ago

Crowds grow around Pineview Reservoir as heat wave continues

Weber County Deputies are urging everyone to take care of themselves as crowds head reservoirs to try and escape the heat. RAGNAR Relay runners race despite it.
1 month ago

High heat, water levels could bring busy mosquito season

The near-record heat and high water levels from the snowpack could mean tons more mosquitos will bug Utahns across the state this summer. 
1 month ago

A Cache Valley town and landowner clash over access to trails

People in a Cache Valley community are worried about one landowner's plans, as they're seeing access cut off to several popular trails.
1 month ago

Smaller beaches impact turnout at some Utah lakes

Bear Lake is expected to peak at just 2 feet below what is considered full, as a result of snowfall from both this past winter and the winter before.
1 month ago

Northern Utah firefighters prepare for wildfire season

As the warmer weather moves in, so does the wildfire risk. This means that many local firefighters are coming together to train on wildfire suppression.
1 month ago

Veterans visit war memorials with Utah Honor Flight

Roughly 70 veterans with Utah Honor Flight have returned to Utah after spending two days in the nation's Capitol, reflecting on their service.
1 month ago

Honor Flight sends 73 Utah veterans to war memorials in D.C.

Over 70 Utah veterans were treated like royalty Tuesday, as they got a unique chance to reflect on their service in Washington D.C.
1 month ago