Matt Gephardt


Study: More people need E.R. care after playing with fireworks

A report from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission may throw a wet blanket on your 4th of July plans – or at least make you think about bringing a wet blanket with you just in case your family’s celebration adds to a troubling trend.
2 days ago

Too risky to insure? Why your homeowner’s insurance could go up in smoke

There are good reasons for an insurance company to drop your homeowner’s coverage. But what happens when you’re dropped for something you have no control over? KSL Investigator Matt Gephardt went out to find: can they do that?
2 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Americans shy away from using credit cards abroad, missing out on best exchange rates

As COVID-19 wanes, travel agencies are seeing a massive spike in bookings as folks look to spread their wings and travel abroad.
6 days ago

Utah couple gets hit with sky-high surprise air ambulance bill

A perk of hitting that out-of-pocket max limit on your health insurance is usually, your insurance covers all other expenses for the year 100%. When a Highland couple continued to get bills, they asked KSL Investigator Matt Gephardt for help.
9 days ago

Congress considers crypto legislation: What you need to know

It's been a rough year for cryptocurrencies. Prices reached record heights this past November, but by last week, crypto has lost $2 trillion of its market value. Now, there's a new plan for the Feds to regulate cryptocurrencies.
10 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Despite growing demand for digital coupons, most are still printed

Researchers found that 91% of all coupons are old-fashioned paper coupons. That’s a problem when you compare it to consumer demand.
13 days ago

Gephardt busts inflation: Is saving hundreds on your internet bill worth the hassle?

When you sign up for internet, you need a modem to connect and router for your home's Wi-Fi. But most internet service providers charge you to use their equipment, on top of what you pay for their plan. But did you know you can buy your own and potentially save hundreds of dollars? The thing is, it’s not necessarily that simple.
14 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Will shopping the dollar stores stretch your grocery dollar?

Getting dinner on the table was rarely simple before high inflation hit the economy, but for millions of families, it has become a downright financial struggle.
20 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: How a little maintenance can save you big on appliance repairs or replacements

When it comes to our expensive appliances breaking, there is another option besides repair or replace. Maintenance.
23 days ago

More bed rails linked to elderly deaths, no recall at this time

Bed rails have killed three elderly people federal regulators said, yet they are not being recalled this time.
28 days ago

Why investors should stay the course during turbulent markets

Investors say to hold off on selling, even when the market starts to dip, you might get a good return when it rises.
29 days ago

Who’s responsible when a snowplow damages your fence?

Turns out, when plows from multiple agencies work the same area, knowing who is responsible for the damage is not always clear cut.
30 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Stacking rewards to save more

Apps and loyalty programs are important marketing tools for companies - that can pay off for you.
1 month ago

Thousands complain of water waste – but how is it enforced?

Lots of people are not afraid to call out water wasters. But are those complaints to water officials investigated? And does anything happen to stop the waste? KSL Investigator Matt Gephardt went fishing for answers.
1 month ago

Phone spam and scams: how location makes a difference

The website Time2play, which has been investigating junks calls, agreed to share their data with the KSL Investigators.
1 month ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Gas prices reach a record high, again, but you can still save money.

Gas prices across the country have never been higher, but KSL Investigates looks into how you can still save some money.
1 month ago

Business takes your money then abruptly shuts down; now what?

Imagine paying a deposit for expensive furniture, only to have the company vanish before you get your stuff. It has become a familiar experience for several Utahns who bought furniture from a Bluffdale store.
2 months ago

Repair or replace: The shortening lifespan of consumer goods

As the adage goes, stuff just isn't made the way it used to be. KSL Consumer Investigator Matt Gephardt found there is some powerful evidence it’s true.
2 months ago

4-day workweek gaining momentum; why employers are smitten with idea

SALT LAKE CITY — While it may sound like the beginning of the end for a company, that work-life balance has some companies saying they wish they had made the switch to a four-day workweek a long time ago. Bosses have tried increasing pay, increasing benefits and increasing flexibility with work-from-home opportunities. But none of […]
2 months ago

Orem man says power company installed remote switch to limit his A/C without his permission

For years, Rocky Mountain Power has installed switches on A/C units that allows it to remotely toggle off the air conditioning to save energy during heat waves. It has always been a voluntary thing, but an Orem man says one was installed on his A/C unit without his permission.
2 months ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: How balance transfer credit cards can help you climb out of debt

Being in debt is stressful enough, let alone in times of rising inflation. But experts say one of the most powerful tools out there for controlling debt is not being used by people in debt over some common misconceptions.
2 months ago

More than 1/3 Americans don’t have retirement; here’s how to start

New data shows many of us are falling short on retirement savings. So, we asked KSL Consumer Investigator Matt Gephardt how we can get the ball rolling.
2 months ago

Putting the brakes on catalytic converter theft: Matt Gephardt tests some deterrents

With catalytic converter thefts on the rise, the KSL Investigators put three devices to the test to see how well they would deter a would-be thief.
2 months ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: How to persuade your landlord to lower your rent

It is a familiar refrain heard in Utah: The cost of renting a place to live is going through the roof. It is certainly something you do not have to tell renters. They are very aware of that fact.
2 months ago