Matt Gephardt

Get Gephardt: Cybersecurity experts caution shoppers to take it slow while shopping online

For many of us, Christmastime is magical. For scammers, it’s especially magical. Here's what to beware of when shopping online.
3 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Can you save money by making your own butter?

Prices for groceries are up, but the price we pay for butter is way, way up – to the point it will impact your holiday baking budget.
4 days ago

Safety feature or distraction? Debate over kid-tracking watches in the classroom

A mom says it’s about safety. Her school says it’s a distraction. Where is the line when it comes to smartwatches in the classroom? KSL’s Matt Gephardt investigates.
9 days ago

Get Gephardt: Received a package delivery text? Scammers are luring Utahns with fake tracking alerts

Utahns are getting targeted by scammers sending out fake delivery notices.
10 days ago

Get Gephardt helps Holladay woman who says contractor left her with an unusable bathroom

If a contractor did bad work, you wouldn't be satisfied with the job. A Holladay woman said a restoration company left her with an unusable bathroom, but when they told her she was satisfied, she decided it was time to Get Gephardt.
11 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Why you should think twice about signing up for store credit cards

It sounds like a great deal — save 15%, 20%, even 30% on your purchases by signing up for a store's credit card. As tempting as it sounds, you may want to think twice.
12 days ago

Get Gephardt: Do digital discounts discriminate against elderly shoppers?

You have likely seen ads promising savings with digital-only coupons, but a consumer watchdog says that the digital-only part unfairly leaves many people out of the opportunity.
16 days ago

Get Gephardt: Utah landscaper loses license for taking money then ‘abandoning’ jobs

"We know that there's a lot more people out there," one woman paid for a landscaping crew that never showed up.
16 days ago

Get Gephardt: Need your car repaired? Be prepared to wait

How long could you wait while your car gets fixed? Days? Weeks? How about months? That's how long drivers are having to wait for parts — even for simple repairs.
19 days ago

Rent application fees prove a hurdle to housing for Utah families

Between the deposit and rent, finding a new place to live isn’t cheap. But as KSL Investigator Matt Gephardt found, there’s another nonrefundable fee standing in between many Utahns and a home.
23 days ago

Get Gephardt: How travel insurance might leave you stranded after cancellation or delay

Flight delays and cancellations have more than doubled this year compared to last year. People buy travel insurance to cover vacations, but does it cover those delays and cancellations? 
24 days ago

Get Gephardt: Two Utahns get different compensation after airline cancels flight

When a Utah woman had a pretty good idea the airline was not giving her a fair shake for upending her trip, she decided to Get Gephardt.
25 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: New data shows loaning money to a friend costs friendships

Considering loaning money to a friend? New data shows how it is costing friendships.
26 days ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Want to bust inflation? Avoid pumpkin spice!

As the weather turns colder, consumers start craving pumpkin spice - and companies are capitalizing on those fall cravings.
30 days ago

Whose insurance pays up when a neighbor’s fire damages your property? 

Putting up the hundreds of people who are still unable to go home due to Tuesday night’s four-alarm fire in Sugar House will not be cheap. So, who pays? The answer, we found, is it depends.
1 month ago

Get Gephardt helps South Jordan man prove his insurance claim

If you have been in a crash caused by a semi-truck driver, you should be able to count on the trucking company to fix your car. But if the company refuses to believe their driver was at fault, right or wrong, they could refuse to pay your claim.
1 month ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Netflix to crack down on password sharing

Netflix will soon start cracking down on password sharing, but rising inflation has it taking a careful approach as it rethinks its subscription plan.
1 month ago

Get Gephardt: How important calls mistakenly blocked or flagged as spam are costing Utahns

Many of us won't pick up calls from phone numbers we don't recognize just because of the sheer volume of spam we get every day. But some of those calls might be important.
1 month ago

Get Gephardt: Layton residents should check water bills for overcharges

Several residents in Layton have contacted Get Gephardt, saying their water bill is extremely high. What we know is this was not a situation of people using too much water – it was a billing issue.
1 month ago

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Is a new phone worth going into debt for?

Do we really need to plunk down $800 to well over $1,000 for the latest incarnation of the iPhone? Many early adopters will tell you yes, but the costs of adopting early are considerable.
1 month ago

Get Gephardt: New mail scam in Utah could cost you thousands

Beware of a letter that is showing up in Utahns' mailboxes. If you handle it wrong, it could cost you thousands.
1 month ago

Get Gephardt: Cars flooded by Ian may soon be flooding Utah roads

As flood waters recede from Hurricane Ian, mechanics will tell you that submerged vehicles should probably make their way to scrap yards. But experts say not all of them will.
2 months ago

Get Gephardt: Energy efficiency or affordable housing? Can Utahns have both?

The rules about how new homes are going to be built in the state are going to change. What is very much up in the air is — will Utah be more or less green? Matt Gephardt investigates.
2 months ago