Mike Headrick

WATCH: ‘HERITAGE OF HOLINESS: The Kirtland Story of Faith’

“Heritage of Holiness: The Kirtland Story of Faith” delves into the rich tapestry of history surrounding the transfer of ownership of the Kirtland Temple from the Community of Christ to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as other significant historical artifacts and buildings, such as the Red Brick Store in Nauvoo. […]
2 months ago

Stop for Students: The dangerous distances you drive when distracted 

Every time you use a device behind the wheel, experts say you’re effectively driving blindfolded. 
7 months ago

Unlawful gag clauses found in multiple Utah home builder contracts

When Tony Capone deliberated moving back to Utah, building a home instead of buying an existing one was an attractive option. In his house contract, there was one red flag too big to ignore.
10 months ago

AI Revolution: The past, present, and future of artificial intelligence in Utah 

The world of AI is only as limited as human imagination. So how do you interpret artificial intelligence and its applications in your life? Mike Headrick investigates.   
1 year ago

Draper City: Building laws make it hard to say ‘no’ to risky development

The question was posed to KSL Investigators — how could Draper City allow development on hazardous land? It turns out, saying “no” is a difficult option.
1 year ago

Recreational Risk: Polaris RZR owners waiting months for recall fixes

Utahns reached out to KSL Investigators, frustrated they were paying for recalled recreational vehicles they could not use, as they waited months for a fix. KSL Investigator Mike Headrick looks at what’s holding up these safety repairs.
1 year ago

Cracking, sinking, falling apart: KSL Investigates structural issues in multiple new homes

While Utah continues to chip away at the housing shortage, some new homeowners are dealing with cracking walls and sinking foundations. KSL Investigators dug for answers on why it keeps happening.
1 year ago

East Idaho News reporter shares how covering Lori Vallow Daybell case changed his life

One reporter who's been with the Lori Vallow Daybell case since the very beginning is Nate Eaton with East Idaho News. KSL TV's Mike Headrick got a chance to sit down with him about the day his entire life changed.
1 year ago

Citations or warnings? KSL Investigators find a mixed bag of winter parking enforcement

The KSL Investigators dug into the data to see which cities are writing the tickets, and which are not.
1 year ago

Changing cancer’s course: How genetic science gave 3 All-American athletes a future

Genetics can play a huge role in our lives, influencing the way we look, our health – even our athletic ability. This is the story of three elite Utah athletes and the gene that changed their lives forever.
1 year ago

Shattered glass. Holes in walls. South Jordan man sues city for wrecking his home

How important is a single signature on a legal document? A South Jordan homeowner claims the wrong signature ended with firefighters causing significant damage to his house.
1 year ago

Newly built homes deemed unlivable due to sliding soil

If you want to know what a sinking home sounds like, just ask Eric and Carole Kamradt.
2 years ago

Utah drivers get a bad rap. Do we deserve it?

Compared to the rest of the country, are Utah drivers the worst?
2 years ago

Vote Watch: Thousands of Utah ballots delayed due to printer issues

A printer issue meant thousands of ballots to one Utah county haven’t arrived in mailboxes. Here’s how voters can make sure their voices are heard before Election Day.
2 years ago

Recreational Risk: Polaris RZRs still catching fire despite years of recalls

A day of fun nearly turned deadly for a Utah family riding their UTV. They’re not the only ones. KSL Investigators unearth multiple recalls, injuries and deaths trying to find out why this keeps happening.
2 years ago

3-legged dog gives Utah boy courage to deal with rare genetic disorder

A Utah boy was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition and needed to make a life-altering decision. With the help of a three-legged dog, he was able to do just that.
2 years ago

Cutting through the red tape: KSL Investigates a flying road hazard

Last summer, a manhole cover flipped into traffic on Redwood Road in South Jordan, damaging cars. After almost a year of red tape, the drivers contacted KSL Investigates.
2 years ago

A devastating crash. A drug-positive driver. Why did it take over a year for charges?

A devastating crash that severely injured a young man. A driver who tested positive for meth. But charges weren’t filed in this crash until more than a year later. The KSL Investigators wanted to know why.
2 years ago

The new tip culture: How to handle growing gratuity

You walk up to the counter, order your food, and pay. Then the moment of truth: to tip or not to tip? Maybe it’s not somewhere you used to tip before. KSL Investigates why it’s expected now, and how much Utahns are paying.
2 years ago

Locked out: Fishermen upset by new gate at Pineview Reservoir

Unlike years past, something stood in the way of the fishermen: A newly installed gate at the popular Port Ramp boat launch area.  
2 years ago

Think that security camera at the gym will help catch a crook? Think again

Your stuff gets stolen at the gym. No worries, they have security cameras you can look at, right? KSL Investigators found those cameras may be giving a false sense of security.
2 years ago

Journalists get inside look at Washington D.C. Temple after years of curiosity

For the last 50 years, thousands of people have driven by the Washington D.C. Temple every single day. And as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites everyone to "come and see" the inside of the temple, the outside is still turning heads.
2 years ago

Washington D.C. Temple open to the public for first time in nearly 50 years

Monday marked a major milestone for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in our nation’s capital as the Washington D.C. Temple prepares to open its doors to the public for the first time in nearly two generations.
2 years ago

As Washington D.C. Temple opens to public, one man ‘listens’ for peace

The Washington D.C. temple has its doors open to the public for the first time in almost 50 years.
2 years ago