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Karah Brackin

How an emoji can help people struggling with their mental health

Now, maybe more than ever, communities have focused on mental health and the importance of taking care of yourself. 
1 month ago
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Karah Brackin

Gov. Cox warns of social media impact on teen mental health

Gov. Spencer Cox spoke with parents, teachers, and community leaders in Holladay Monday about the negative impact social media has had on the mental health of teens.
2 months ago
Erin Cox

First mental health summit brings leaders from across US to Beehive State

For the first time, multiple organizations from across the country, who are leading the research for mental health, joined Utah leaders at a mental health summit. It’s the first event of its kind and will last until the end of Tuesday.
2 months ago
Tamara Vaifanua

Salt Lake Co. offers workshop for teens struggling with body image

For the first time, Salt Lake County Youth Services is offering a free workshop for teens who struggle with body image issues.
4 months ago
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Larry D. Curtis

TikTok and social media can distort mental health information for teens

Teens, just like adults can find themselves scrolling through video after social-media video. The billion — yes billion — users on TikTok are primarily teens and some mental health professionals have stated the platform is negatively impacting the mental health crisis.
6 months ago
Members of the community gather at a City of Uvalde Town Square for a prayer vigil in the wake of a...

Psychologist gives advice for parents to talk to children about school shootings

Outrage and heartbreak have gripped the country after 19 children and two adults were massacred at Ross Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.
6 months ago
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Josh Ellis

Weapon removed from Draper school after student reports it through SafeUT app

Administrators say a weapon was safely removed from the Draper Park Middle School campus after a concerned student reported the weapon through the SafeUT app.
8 months ago
Heather Simonsen, KSL TV

Utah woman: ‘As soon as it gets darker, my body changes,’ of seasonal affective disorder

As winter sets in and the days are darker, it's important to notice signs and address seasonal depression.
11 months ago
Governor Spencer Cox said he understands from his personal experience how mental health can affect ...
Ladd Egan, KSL TV

Gov. Cox, first lady share personal experiences, host summit on childhood mental health 

Utah’s second annual summit about children’s mental health focused on the need to improve access to programs in the state and also the pandemic’s impact on children. 
12 months ago
Hope Squad members learn how to recognize if a student is struggling and may need help. (KSL TV)...
Ladd Egan, KSL TV

Preventing suicide is goal of ‘Hope Squad’ training in Utah

About 200 students traveled to Provo Thursday for training on how to help prevent suicide at their schools through a Hope Squad. 
1 year ago
The SafeUT app provides real-time crisis intervention for people in immediate distress. (KSL TV)...
Jed Boal, KSL TV

SafeUT app saves lives during COVID-19 pandemic

The SafeUT smartphone app and mental health system immediately started helping children in crisis when it launched five years ago. Today, it continues to support teens and young adults, mentally and emotionally, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
1 year ago
Tamara Vaifanua, KSL TV

Salt Lake City Schools Offering Free Mental Health Counseling For Students

Officials with the Salt Lake City School District want students who are struggling with their mental health to know that they are not alone.
1 year ago
Jamie Bitton owns Progressive Preschool in South Ogden. (KSL TV)...
Deanie Wimmer & Tania Dean, KSL TV

Child Care Crisis: Daycares, Preschools Struggle To Balance Children’s Needs With Costs

As more kids bring COVID-related stress to preschool, providers are facing a dual challenge of meeting the children’s needs during an employee shortage while not pricing out parents.
2 years ago
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Felicia Martinez, KSL TV

May 20 Declared As ‘Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day’ In Utah

As part of National Mental Health Awareness Month, Gov. Spencer Cox declared Thursday as “Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day” in Utah.
2 years ago
Dan Rascon, KSL TV

BYU Studies Show Impact Of Stress Before Age 5

Traumatic childhood events may have something to do with girls' delinquency behaviors and parenting practices by fathers, according to two new mental health studies from BYU.
2 years ago
Coming to understand what Casey Scott’s addiction was truly like for his children only came recen...
Aley Davis & Debbie Worthen, KSL TV

Addiction Through A Daughter’s Eyes: How Teen’s Letter Impacted Casey Scott

Addiction is a family disease. It doesn't just affect the individual struggling, but everyone who loves them. Former KSL-TV feature reporter Casey Scott took that message to heart after reading a paper written by his 16-year-old daughter, Preslee.
2 years ago
Siblings Eli and Mia Carter-Smith of Salt Lake City were glad to have each other to play with durin...
Heather Simonsen, KSL TV

Kids In Crisis: What To Look For In Stressed Children, How Parents Can Help

The prolonged stress and uncertainty of the pandemic has taken a toll on young children and parents need tools to recognize when it is affecting their kids and how to help them recover. 
2 years ago
Surviving through a pandemic can exact a toll on our mental health. But experts say there are ways ...
Tania Dean, KSL TV

Crisis Teams Available For Children Struggling With Mental Health Issues

The coronavirus pandemic brought on new trials for many Utah families. More children are experiencing mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and social isolation, but many parents don’t know where to turn for help.
2 years ago
(Used by Permission Huntsman Mental Health Institute)...
Mike Headrick, KSL TV

Study: Utah Children, Adults Report Increased Mental Stress During Pandemic

A study from the Huntsman Mental Health Institute said 40% of Utahns reported an increase in anxiety and depression over the last year with kids being hit hardest overall.
2 years ago
Cary J. Schwanitz, KSL TV

Listening Is Key To Discussing Mental Health With Children

When it comes to having conversations with your kids about mental health, it starts before there is an issue. KSL spoke to adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Matt Swenson who walked through the process of having that conversation. He said it all starts with listening.
2 years ago
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Cary J. Schwanitz, KSL TV

Recognizing Signs Of Depression, Suicidal Thoughts In Teens

Utah has consistently ranked in the top five states with the highest rate of suicide among teens.
2 years ago
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Shara Park & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

What Can Parents Do Right Now To Help Monitor Their Children’s Mental Health?

Rebecca Dutson of the Children's Center tells us one of the best ways to see how your children are doing is asking them questions about their everyday life. 
2 years ago
Shara Park & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

Sleep Can Have Huge Impact On Children’s Mental Health

KSL is focusing on Kids in Crisis in an effort to shine a light on a challenging topic for parents and children. One big factor on overall mental health is how much sleep you get.
2 years ago
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Ladd Egan, Shara Park & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

What Should Parents Watch For When Monitoring Their Kids’ Mental Health?

As families navigate the mental and emotional obstacles the pandemic has presented, there are a few simple things parents can do right now to monitor their children’s mental health.
2 years ago
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