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The Jordan School District created Wellness Centers in 15 schools. (John Wilson, KSLTV)...
Alex Cabrero, KSLTV

West Jordan schools provide mental wellness rooms for stressed students

A room at an elementary school in West Jordan is getting a lot of attention for helping students with mental health concerns.
1 month ago
Dan Rascon, KSL TV

Riverton program aims to help teens navigate mental health challenges

The city of Riverton in Salt Lake County is fighting against the alarming mental health troubles among teens with a special program called "Live in Real Life."
3 months ago
FILE (Getty Images)...
Alex Cabrero, KSL TV

Canyons School District offers new mental health screenings for students

Mental health continues to be a big issue for students during the pandemic. Part of the problem is identifying students who might have some challenges with mental health, even if the student doesn't know it themselves. That's why the Canyons School District will hold another screening for students.
4 months ago
Debbie Worthen, KSL TV

U.S. Surgeon General: Teens struggling with mental health more than ever before 

A 2021 Advisory just released by The U.S. Surgeon General called “Protecting Youth Mental Health” painted a sobering picture of the mental health of America’s youth.  
5 months ago
FILE: Davis School District....
Cary J. Schwanitz, KSL TV

Independent investigation will look at bullying in Davis School District

An independent investigation will be done into how the Davis School District handles reports of bullying. It comes after the death of Isabella "Izzy" Faith Tichenor, a 10-year-old girl who took her own life after her family says she was bullied at school.
6 months ago
Hope Squad members learn how to recognize if a student is struggling and may need help. (KSL TV)...
Ladd Egan, KSL TV

Preventing suicide is goal of ‘Hope Squad’ training in Utah

About 200 students traveled to Provo Thursday for training on how to help prevent suicide at their schools through a Hope Squad. 
6 months ago
The SafeUT app provides real-time crisis intervention for people in immediate distress....
Jed Boal, KSL TV

SafeUT app saves lives during COVID-19 pandemic

The SafeUT smartphone app and mental health system immediately started helping children in crisis when it launched five years ago. Today, it continues to support teens and young adults, mentally and emotionally, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
8 months ago
New animated series called “My Life is Worth Living” hopes to prevent suicide among tee...
Dan Rascon, KSL TV

New Animated Series Aimed At Teens Says ‘My Life is Worth Living’

A new campaign in the fight against teen suicide is doing something creators say hasn’t been done before. They are running a series of animated stories on suicide prevention they call "My Life is Worth Living."
9 months ago
(KSL TV)...
Matt Rascon, KSL TV

Short, Long-Term Impacts Of Pandemic On Kids’ Mental Health

The number of suicides in Utah has remained concerning but steady. Research also shows mental health struggles are on the rise, or at least people are getting help.
1 year ago
FILE (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)...
JOHN LEICESTER, Associated Press

Global Rise In Childhood Mental Health Issues Amid Pandemic

Doctors say the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the mental health of children is alarming and plain to see.
1 year ago
Siblings Eli and Mia Carter-Smith of Salt Lake City were glad to have each other to play with durin...
Heather Simonsen, KSL TV

Kids In Crisis: What To Look For In Stressed Children, How Parents Can Help

The prolonged stress and uncertainty of the pandemic has taken a toll on young children and parents need tools to recognize when it is affecting their kids and how to help them recover. 
1 year ago
Surviving through a pandemic can exact a toll on our mental health. But experts say there are ways ...
Tania Dean, KSL TV

Crisis Teams Available For Children Struggling With Mental Health Issues

The coronavirus pandemic brought on new trials for many Utah families. More children are experiencing mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and social isolation, but many parents don’t know where to turn for help.
1 year ago
(Used by Permission Huntsman Mental Health Institute)...
Mike Headrick, KSL TV

Study: Utah Children, Adults Report Increased Mental Stress During Pandemic

A study from the Huntsman Mental Health Institute said 40% of Utahns reported an increase in anxiety and depression over the last year with kids being hit hardest overall.
1 year ago
Cary J. Schwanitz, KSL TV

Listening Is Key To Discussing Mental Health With Children

When it comes to having conversations with your kids about mental health, it starts before there is an issue. KSL spoke to adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Matt Swenson who walked through the process of having that conversation. He said it all starts with listening.
1 year ago
FILE (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)...
Cary J. Schwanitz, KSL TV

Recognizing Signs Of Depression, Suicidal Thoughts In Teens

Utah has consistently ranked in the top five states with the highest rate of suicide among teens.
1 year ago
(KSL TV)...
Morgan Wolfe, KSL TV

College Freshmen Resilient In Face Of Pandemic

Over the last year, the group of students have missed out on their final days of high school, a normal graduation and proms. And their college experience hasn't been what they imagined it would, either.
1 year ago
Dan Spindle & Gretchen Willard, KSL TV

Utah Warmline Provides Resource For Mental Health

The Utah Warmline provides someone who will listen when there isn't a crisis necessarily - but someone struggling is looking to be heard and understood.
1 year ago
(KSL TV)...
Shara Park & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

What Can Parents Do Right Now To Help Monitor Their Children’s Mental Health?

Rebecca Dutson of the Children's Center tells us one of the best ways to see how your children are doing is asking them questions about their everyday life. 
1 year ago
(KSL TV)...
Dan Spindle & Gretchen Willard, KSL TV

‘Zero Suicide’ Initiative Aims To Identify Mental Health Issues Before Crisis

One of those resources is called Zero Suicide - a Utah initiative to identify those who are struggling with their mental health before they reach a crisis.
1 year ago
(KSL TV)...
Dan Spindle & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

988 Crisis Line Gets Funding Boost

If you or a family member are experiencing a mental health crisis, minutes can really be the difference between life and death. That's why the new 988 crisis line is big step forward for providing critical mental health care. 
1 year ago
Shara Park & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

Sleep Can Have Huge Impact On Children’s Mental Health

KSL is focusing on Kids in Crisis in an effort to shine a light on a challenging topic for parents and children. One big factor on overall mental health is how much sleep you get.
1 year ago
(KSL TV)...
Ladd Egan, Shara Park & Matthew Jacobson, KSL TV

What Should Parents Watch For When Monitoring Their Kids’ Mental Health?

As families navigate the mental and emotional obstacles the pandemic has presented, there are a few simple things parents can do right now to monitor their children’s mental health.
1 year ago
Ashley Moser, KSL TV

Utah Mom Pleads For Parents To Talk To Their Teens

Nationwide, mental health-related ER visits increased 31% last year for teenagers. One family whose 14-year-old daughter is part of that group shares its message for other parents who aren’t sure how to help their teens.
1 year ago
The Merrill family loves to play games together to stay busy during the pandemic.  (KSL TV)...
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Meet Emotional Needs Of Children While Protecting Your Parents From COVID-19

CEDAR CITY, Utah – The coronavirus has provided unique challenges for multigenerational families living under the same roof. A Cedar City family has found ways to keep their grandfather healthy and meet the social and emotional needs of their children. When Susan Merrill moved her family to Utah two years ago, she took her 84-year-old […]
2 years ago
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