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Matt Gephardt being shown the double payments that Terry Hutchings has been getting....
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage, KSL TV

Get Gephardt helps homeowner being charged two bills for one security system

Billing for a previous home initially stopped when she sold it, but when she got a new security system from the same provider for her new place a year later it started billing for both.
1 day ago
Neilson-Berg explaining the hassles and trouble she has been going through to get into contact with...
Matt Gephardt

Get Gephardt helps Google Fiber customer get her internet fixed after customer service calls go nowhere

When a Salt Lake City woman's internet connection went down, and she couldn't get a straight answer as to when it would be back up, she decided to Get Gephardt.
2 days ago
Matt Gephardt with Hung Tran who is explaining why he has been trying to get his social security be...
Matt Gephardt

Get Gephardt helps retiree deadlocked with Social Security over lost birth certificate

The United States has been home for Hung Tran nearly 50 years. He came here as a refugee fleeing war-torn Vietnam in 1975.
3 days ago
FILE: Credit and deposit cards on a computer keyboard. Electronic commerce, business. Online shoppi...
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage

Utah family says their bank refuses to reimburse fraudulent charges

A Taylorsville family says a hacker drained thousands of dollars out of their bank accounts and left them overdrawn by tens of thousands more. They thought federal banking rules protected them, but they say their bank has refused to reimburse them for those losses.
4 days ago
Homeowner Mark Shea tells KSL’s Matt Gephardt he paid someone to build a deck who abandoned the j...
Matt Gephardt

Get Gephardt: Homeowners ask why authorities can’t shut down an unlicensed contractor

Two Salt Lake County homeowners hired and paid someone to build decks for their homes but say he left the jobs unfinished. Turns out, he’s been cited by the state for not having a contractor’s license before.
8 days ago
Matt Gephardt, journalists, looks as paper with a woman...
Matt Gephardt and Cimaron Neugebauer

Get Gephardt: Ticketmaster seizes back purchased seats

Imagine buying tickets to a show, then having the seller refuse to give them to you. That’s what happened to a Utah woman, when she got a refund she didn’t ask for.
9 days ago
Pig-butchering is a devastating combination of romance and crypto scams, and it’s taking Utahns f...
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage, KSL TV

Unmasking the fast-moving pig-butchering scam hitting Utah

Pig-butchering is a devastating combination of romance and crypto scams, and it’s taking Utahns for all their worth.
15 days ago
Utah's lemom law...
Matt Gephardt

Utah’s lemon law: Why the rules could leave you in a financial squeeze

Golf carts, side-by-sides and other recreational vehicles can cost well over $10,000. But if you end up with a lemon, Utah’s law may leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.
15 days ago
Hacker behind a keyboard. (FILE)...
Matt Gephardt

Using AI to tackle your debt

We've seen the power of artificial intelligence used to help navigate all sorts of complex problems: Medicine, education, customer service among many others. Well, it doesn’t get much more complex than Americans grappling with debt.
17 days ago
FILE - A line of unsold 2018 Cooper Clubmen sit in a long row at a Mini dealership, March 30, 2018,...
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage, KSL TV

More people are leasing new cars but does it make sense for you?

Sticker shock is nearly universal for anyone looking for a new car and that has many drivers considering leasing their next car. But is it the right option for you?
24 days ago
Ron Dimmick has used the same cell phone number for 20 years. But boy, he would sure love if T-Mobi...
Matt Gephardt

Get Gephardt: Utah County man wants cell phone company to stop assigning his number to others

A Utah County man says old mobile provider has assigned his number to someone else 13 times and counting. So, he decided to Get Gephardt.
25 days ago
Three men stand in the snow with four shovels...
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage, KSL TV

The scoop on snow shovels: Putting the latest options to the test

The KSL Investigators test various types of snow shovels to see which one will save you time, money, and some back pain.
29 days ago
a woman and a man sit and talk at a long table...
Matt Gephardt

As companies abandon phones, customers are being mis-connected

Get Gephardt has reported that customers don't always find the correct phone numbers online for a business
1 month ago
Utahns are struggling more than most in paying our credit card bills on time....
Matt Gephardt

Why Utahns struggle more than most of the nation with their credit card bills

Utahns are struggling more than most to pay their credit card bills on time.
1 month ago
100-day trial...
Matt Gephardt

Your rights when a company won’t refund you for a product with a money-back guarantee

Marlow Springer knows there's a better way to watch his favorite KSL programming, or at least a better way to hear it since the TV’s factory speakers leave much to be desired.
1 month ago
home for sale...
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage, KSL TV

How a little-known insurance report can save homebuyers thousands

You've heard the phrase, “If these walls could talk.” Boy, wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy when you're buying a home that its walls could tell you what they’ve been through?
1 month ago
a smashed car carried by a tow truck...
Matt Gephardt and Sloan Schrage

Get Gephardt: Little-known insurance report where an error can cost you thousands in higher premiums

We know errors in credit reports can lead to much higher interest rates. But there’s a different report where mistakes can cost you thousands more for your insurance.
1 month ago
Utah Consumer Privacy Act stating the new rules that local businesses need to follow....
Matt Gephardt

What Utah’s new consumer privacy protection law means for you

You cancel a service and within days your inbox is nothing but emails from the company begging you to come back, but a new Utah law is trying to prevent that.
1 month ago
Mike Allred...
Matt Gephardt and Cimaron Neugebauer, KSL TV

Stuck waiting on a refund, Aerosmith fan decides to Get Gephardt

When the Salt Lake City stop of Aerosmith’s “Peace Out” tour was postponed, fans were offered refunds. When a Sandy man struggled to get one for his tickets, he decided it was time to Get Gephardt.
1 month ago
Credit cards...
Matt Gephardt

Gephardt Busts Inflation: Credit card predictions for 2024 and what they mean for your wallet

When it comes to your credit cards, some things have changed while some other things could probably change.
2 months ago
For Kathryn and Paul England, a journey through the Wizarding World of Harry Potter began as magic....
Matt Gephardt & Sloan Schrage

Get Gephardt: Loophole in federal banking law leaves South Jordan woman out $20,000

Imposter scams cost Americans billions of dollars every year. When a South Jordan woman said an impostor tricked her into wiring thousands, she hit a loophole in banking laws which consumers need to know about.
2 months ago
FedEx had been sending packaged address to a Provo man to the wrong address for years. After speaki...
Matt Gephardt

Get Gephardt helps Provo man after years of package misdeliveries

After years of a Provo man's packages being delivered to the incorrect address by FedEx, he decided to Get Gephardt.
2 months ago
$20 bills...
Matt Gephardt

How to avoid giving to a scammer posing as a charity

Charities all around the world are hopeful that you will be generous as the year wraps up.
2 months ago
Gift giving season is over and it's time to play the return game which, this year, is more complica...
Matt Gephardt

Buyer Beware: Some stores return policies have changed

Presents are now unwrapped and while there were winners, there were probably also some losers. Maybe you got something that doesn't quite fit. Maybe you got the same outfit as your bestie. Maybe you got something on which to jam that just isn't your jam.
2 months ago

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