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Salt Lake County Jail
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  • How Throwing Away Your Old Batteries Can Put People in Danger 

    Poorly stored or thrown away batteries can lead to house fires, but they can lead to much bigger fires, too. Battery fires have become expensive and dangerous for the sanitation industry. 
  • KSL Investigators Explore Change In Utah’s Death Row

    The Utah Department of Corrections has quietly ended a decadeslong practice of housing Utah State Prison inmates who are under sentence of death in maximum security, allowing the majority of them to move into medium-security cell blocks.
  • Who Can Ban Fireworks? KSL Investigators Analyze The Law

    The governor, state lawmakers, and local municipalities have all passed the buck on who has the authority to ban fireworks during these extreme drought conditions in Utah. The KSL Investigators found what would need to happen for a statewide ban.
  • How Federal Rules Protect You When Debt Collectors Call

    Most debt collectors are just people on the phone, trying to get borrowers to repay what they owe, but some use aggressive or even illegal tactics. If you are getting hounded by calls over a debt, you do have rights and protections when debt collectors cross the line.
  • Improperly Stored Household Batteries Blamed For Taylorsville Garage Fire

    Jane Jensen went to hop in her car last month, only to discover the inside scorched. When a fire investigator combed through the debris, he found a bag of batteries. He later determined something had crossed a 9-volt battery's terminals, probably another battery, and sparked the fire in Jensen's car.
  • How An Airline’s Flight Schedule Change Can Open Opportunities For A Better Flight

    Flight times constantly change as airlines tweak schedules to get the most money. Those changes can greatly affect your plans, but experts said you can also use them to snag much better flights.
  • Gephardt: Low Inventory Leads To Sticker Shock For Used Car Shoppers In Utah

    If you have driven past used car dealers in the area you may have noticed the bizarre sight of mostly empty car lots. A shortage in new car production has trickled down to the used car market, and that has pushed prices into overdrive.  
  • Gephardt: Does Your Washing Machine Eat Your Missing Socks?

    If it seems like your sock drawer has more singles than matched pairs, you are not alone. A study by Samsung estimated the average person loses about 15 socks every year. If missing socks drive you crazy, you might take comfort knowing they really can disappear in the wash, but how?
  • Utah Bank Warns Of Money Mule Scams 

    When your boss asks you to do something, typically, you do it. But an Ogden woman barely side-stepped disaster after a request she got from her boss raised some red flags.