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  • KSL+: Special Education In Utah, United States

    Earlier this month, a group of moms went viral in a video asking the Jordan School District to reverse its decision to move the Life Skills and Peer Mentoring program from every high school in the district to just a few. An online petition garnered more than 54,000 signatures and the district ultimately reversed the decision.
  • Police arrest a protester near Times Square after an 11pm curfew during a night of marches and vandalism over the death of George Floyd on June 1, 2020 in New York City. Thousands of protesters took to the streets throughout the city to express their anger after Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin was filmed kneeling on George Floyd's neck before he was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. Floyd's death, the most recent in a series of deaths of black Americans at the hands of the police, has set off days and nights of protests across the country. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

    KSL+: Next Steps For Policing After Derek Chauvin Verdict

    Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of all three charges against him in the death of George Floyd. KSL+ examines what happens next across the country, and what does this one case mean for the ongoing movement to change policing.
  • KSL+: University Health Pharmacy Director Explains Pause To J&J Vaccine

    University of Utah Health's pharmacy director joins KSL+ to explain why a pause was put on the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, and what those who got the shot should know.
  • KSL+: State Of Nursing Profession After Yearlong Pandemic

    The nursing profession has been in the spotlight over the last year. They're on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, but they've been on the frontlines for treating the sick for much longer. On this episode of KSL+, we explore what the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed about the nursing profession, and why do many are leaving the profession.
  • KSL+: Pandemic’s Likely Impact On Education After COVID-19

    This week on KSL+, we look at how the pandemic has impacted education, continuing our series looking at what the world will look like post-COVID. 
  • KSL+: Pandemic Challenges Highlight Issues Already Facing Workers

    A year out from the beginning of the pandemic, this week marking nearly a year since Utah Gov. Gary Herbert launched the Stay Safe, Stay Home initiative, encouraging people to stay home where they could, especially encouraging people to work from home when they could.
  • Long-Term Changes To Health Care After Year Of COVID-19

    One year in, we're looking at changes to healthcare that will likely stick around as we head into what many call our new normal. KSL TV spoke with the chief medical operations officer for University of Utah Healthcare and Intermountain's St. George Regional Hospital medical director.
  • KSL+: One-On-One With State Epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn

    KSL-TV's Matt Rascon talks with Utah epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn about the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus pandemic and what can people expect going forward.
  • KSL+: Gov. Speaks Out On Bill Banning Transgender Girls From Girls Sports

    The Utah Legislative session is wrapping up, and KSL+ dives into one of the session's most controversial bills - a bill that would have banned transgender girls from competing on sports teams with other girls.
  • KSL+: Research Shows Frontline Medical Workers Struggling With Mental Health, Burnout

    Research published by the University of Utah in January found that 56% of frontline medical workers – including firefighters, EMTs, police officers, hospital workers, doctors and nurses – screened positive for at least one mental health disorder, due in large part to burnout.