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  • How You Can Update Your Business’s Devices Like a Pro

    Many businesses are turning to subscription-based technology upgrade programs for their businesses. Here's how you can take advantage of a program like this and upgrade your business's devices:
  • How Can Mobile Device Management Help Your Business?

    How is your data being protected on employee devices? No worries! Mobile Device Management is both a process and a software for managing mobile devices.
  • 4 Quick and Easy Pregnancy Workouts For Your Entire Body

    If you are pregnant, then you know how hard it is to find a workout for you and your baby. Jenny Ford shows us some safe and easy pregnancy workouts.
  • What You Can Do If Your Business Experiences Data Loss

    This article is sponsored by Les Olson Company, Your Office Technology Partner. Don’t let data loss compromise the business you worked so hard to build. Get the expert technical support your business needs with Managed I.T. Services from Les Olson Company. I.T. Security   What would you do if you had a major data loss? What if it was your […]
  • Everyone Should Know This One Thing About Ransomware Protection

    You've heard of ransomware attacks, but do you know your likelihood of being affected? The sad fact is that one person is attacked by ransomware every 10 seconds, and for businesses, it's every 40 seconds. Here's how you can avoid being one of the many unlucky victims of and prevent these attacks from compromising your sensitive data with ransomware protection.
  • Selling Your Home? 5 Things To Know Before You List.

    This article is sponsored by the Utah Central Association of REALTORS®. The Utah Central Association of REALTORS® exists to provide leading edge programs, products, and services that enable its members to deliver the highest quality professional service to their clients. When you are selling your home, choose a REALTOR®. Utah homes are spending an average […]
  • How You Can Prevent Phishing Attacks

    Chances are you've seen a phishing attempt in your email inbox in the last few days. It only takes a split second to be caught off guard by phishing emails, but the ramifications can last much longer. Here's how can you prevent Phishing attacks on your computer and mobile devices.
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    What are Meltdown and Spectre on Your Computer?

    This article is sponsored by Les Olson Company, Your Office Technology Partner. Don’t let Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities in your CPU slow you down. Get the Expert Technical Support Your Business Needs with Managed I.T. Services from Les Olson Company. Currently, all Intel CPU chips have a fatal flaw in them that could leave them […]
  • Kitchen Towel Tips

    Kitchen Towels- How To Really Do It Right

    This article is sponsored by Orson Gygi.  Family owned and operated since 1945, Orson Gygi is the West’s premier source for kitchen tools, supplies, and specialty foods.  Visit them at Your kitchen sees such a variety of tasks.  Wet messes, dry messes, disinfecting counters, drying dishes, drying hands… there’s a lot going on.  Just one […]
  • How Worth of Souls is Healing People’s Pain

    This article is sponsored by Worth of Souls. An uplifting spiritual album featuring local artists. Worth of Souls is healing people’s pain through the power of music. Whether it’s relief from depression, anxiety, or pain, Worth of Souls has the perfect spiritual song for you. How Much Music Do You Hear on a Daily Basis? Where […]