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Sunday Edition

  • Sunday Edition: Gov.’s First 100 Days, Afghanistan Withdrawal, Deseret News Transformation

    In the first 100 days of Utah Gov. Spencer Cox's administration, what has been accomplished for far, and what's ahead? We also sit down with Rep. Chris Stewart to talk about his view on Pres. Joe Biden’s plan to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Plus, the new president of Deseret News talks about transformational leadership.
  • Sunday Edition: End Of Mask Mandate; Latest On Bears Ears

    The statewide mask mandate is over. We look at why Salt Lake County chose not to extend the mandate and what will need to happen moving forward for economic growth in Utah. Plus, we hear from one tribal leader who met with the Secretary of the Interior as the Biden administration makes a decision on Bears Ears monument.
  • Sunday Edition: Mass Shootings & Mental Health; Vaccine & Fertility

    Mass shootings have been on the top of people's minds after 10 people were killed in a Boulder, Colorado grocery store. After all of these tragedies, politicians, activists, and some members of the media are quick to call in to question the shooter's mental health. But is that the right thing to do?
  • Sunday Edition: Vaccines Open For All Utahns; Violence Against Asian-Americans

    As the nation grapples with another mass shooting where nearly all the victims were Asian women, we look at the history behind the violence against Asian-Americans and the myth of the model minority. On the COVID front, we look at vaccines opening up for all Utahns and Rep. Chris Stewart’s plan to address the national debt, exacerbated by the pandemic.
  • Sunday Edition: Caputo’s Owner, Staff Asks Gov. To Veto Bill Lifting Mask Mandate

    Owners of the Salt Lake City institution, Caputo’s Market, have urged Utah Gov. Spencer  Cox to veto a bill lifting a statewide mask mandate, or get essential workers fully vaccinated first.
  • Sunday Edition: Gov’s First Legislative Session; Equity At BYU

    Gov. Spencer Cox talks about the bills headed to his desk for a signature after his first legislative session as governor. Plus, the changes one group hopes to bring to BYU surrounding race, equity, and belonging.
  • Sunday Edition: One Year Of COVID-19; Interior Secretary Nominee

    Nearly a year into COVID, Dr. Emily Spivak from University of Utah Health talks about what the future of the pandemic looks like, and what the community should expect. 
  • Sunday Edition: Transgender Sports In Utah; Coverage For Uninsured Children

    A bill the governor called one of the most important bills facing the Utah legislature this session would ban transgender girls from playing sports on K-12 school teams with other girls. We talk with one transgender advocate about why this bill goes beyond sports. 
  • Sunday Edition: Utah Women In Politics, Impact Of Proposed Child Allowance

    Doug Wright explores the potential impact on Utah families of Sen. Mitt Romney's proposed child allowance in the Family Security Act. He also takes a look at proposals making their way through the state legislative session - particularly those that would affect Utah's younger voters. Finally, the latest on Utah woman in politics.
  • Sunday Edition: Limiting Campaign Donations, Raising State Minimum Wage

    Several bills have been proposed in the Utah state legislature, including one directed at putting a limit on anonymous campaign donations and raising Utah’s minimum wage over the span of several years.