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FILE: The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News)
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Sunday Edition

  • FILE: The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News)

    Missing BIPOC women; Looming government shutdown; Tab Choir gets back to rehearsals

    The country seems to have been taken by storm by the Gabby Petito case--and is bringing to the forefront the hundreds of missing BIPOC women we've never even heard of. Rep. Angela Romero joins us. And the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square getting back to rehearsals after months away. But first--in the middle of one of the biggest, long-term disaster we have seen as a country Boyd Matheson joins us to discuss what will keep us from a government shutdown.
  • Evan McMullin joins Senate race; Support for all-day kindergarten; Ways to help redistricting

    This week, we're looking at redistricting and all-day kindergarten--two issues that have a lot of public support, but seem to be lacking when it comes to legislative support. And a new candidate looks to unseat Mike Lee--continuing his tradition as running against a somewhat unpopular candidate as an independent. We talk with Evan McMullin.
  • The Utah State Capitol (Photo: Derek Petersen, KSL TV)

    Vaccine mandate impact on Utah; a possible end to the death penalty in Utah

    This week, a concerted effort to end the death penalty in Utah--from the Utah County Attorney to Republican lawmakers. And for a generation, they grew up in the shadow of 9/11, not really knowing a world without the tragedy. We talk with Katie McKellar from the Deseret News about the way the tragedy has shaped a generation. But first, President Biden this week announcing a vaccine or weekly testing requirement for US companies employing over 100 people. The details are scant right now but it's a decision already bringing praise and ire.
  • Battles over COVID legislation; increasing severe weather

    As the Northeast recovers from Hurricane Ida and we sit under a cloud of smoke from California wildfires—we examine the uptick in extreme and deadly weather with the University of Utah. And in the fight against COVID, several efforts underway right now, calling the state's mask mandate ban unconstitutional. We'll talk with attorney Greg Skordas about one lawsuit. And the last year and a half has been seemingly a battle between politicians and medical professionals and scientists. Representative and doctor Suzanne Harrison joins us.
  • Sit-down with Sen. Romney; new candidate in historically contested 4th Congressional District

    This week, we sit down with Sen. Mitt Romney to discuss some of the biggest challenges our country is facing right now—crumbling infrastructure and the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Plus, the first of the GOP challengers for the Congressional seat in the highly competitive 4th district, Jake Hunsaker joins us.
  • Utah preparing for influx of Afghan refugees; federal delegation discusses implications of troop withdrawal

    This week on Sunday Edition with Doug Wright, we’re taking a deep dive into the current crisis in Afghanistan. Rep. Chris Stewart joins us to discuss political implications of the fall of the Afghan government. Sen. Mike Lee explains what his office is doing to evacuate U.S. citizens. And we look at how Utah is preparing for a possible influx of refugees.
  • Independent redistricting committee; UEA looks to back-to-school amid rising COVID rates

    This week, the Independent Redistricting Commission is up against the clock, and looking for the public’s help. And a unique way one Lehi city councilor is encouraging more people to run. But first–it’s the issue on top of everyone’s mind today. We talk with the UEA about what is next for back to school after […]
  • Why Utah Native Americans Have High Vaccine Rates; Silicon Slope PAC

    One group is doing very well when it comes too vaccines--Native American tribes. The Shoshone tribe reports 95% of those eligible are vaccinated for COVID. The reasons behind their success.
  • Sunday Edition: Rising COVID Cases Among Unvaccinated, Utah Leading Anti-Trust Suit & Long-Term Impacts Of Housing Insecurity

    This week on Sunday Edition, we look at the reasons why the state of Utah is leading the charge in anti-trust suit against tech giant, Google. Plus, the long lasting ways housing insecurity experts say will impact the next generation. And while Utah has met one goal in terms of vaccines, we’re seeing an increase in COVID cases and hospitalizations at some of the highest rates in the country.
  • Ally Isom Announces Candidacy; Task Force Addresses Hunger

    Utah families can soon expect a monthly check from the federal government. We break down who will receive what, and what it will mean for Utah’s economy. Plus, a new taskforce looks to address food insecurity, especially looking at access. But first, Ally Isom becomes the next candidate seeking to unseat Senator Mike Lee.