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Sunday Edition

  • How Long Will Funds Be Available For Federal Programs During Shutdown

    As the shutdown carries on into its fifth week, federal employees are feeling the pinch. The Department of Workforce Services explains the support available for federal workers, as well as how long programs can survive without federal money.
  • Government Shutdown In Its Third Week

    The government entering the third week of a shutdown and President Donald Trump this week saying he's in it for the long haul. 
  • What’s Next For Mia Love, Proposition 2 & Jenny Wilson?

    Part one of an in-depth sit down with US Rep. Mia Love and a look at the election. Speaker Greg Hughes talks about changes to Proposition 2. Finally, what’s next for Jenny Wilson, who lost her bid for the senate?
  • Ben McAdams, Utah County Growth, COLD Podcast

    Representative-elect Ben McAdams on the transition to Washington, exploring how Utah County will prepare for another million residents in the next 40 years, and an update on the COLD podcast.
  • In Washington With Utah’s Congressional Delegation

    Doug Wright sits down with Sen. Orrin Hatch ahead of his Medal of Freedom award from the President. Then he talks with Senator-elect Mitt Romney about the transition to DC, and Rep. Rob Bishop on the legacy of Rep. Jim Hansen.
  • What To Know Going In To Utah’s 2018 Election

    Voter turnout in several of Utah's counties has already reached record highs in advance of Tuesday's mid-term elections. For those who have not yet cast their vote, the KSL team is on top of all of the big races.
  • Senate Candidate Mitt Romney; Attempted Assassinations On Democratic Leadership

    The attempted assassinations on top U.S. Democratic leadership and other critics of President Donald Trump has taken over the headlines and captivated the public. 
  • Jenny Wilson, Proposed Gas Tax Increase; Heated 4th District Race

    Doug Wright sits down with Jenny Wilson, the democratic senate candidate taking on Mitt Romney to fill Orrin Hatch's seat. Doug also talks about how a possible gas tax increase could help Utah's schools with Bob Marquart from Our Schools Now. Finally, the latest back and forth between Ben McAdams and Mia Love in the race for the 4th Congressional District.
  • Utah’s Proposition 2; Legislative Compromise Bill

    On the first episode of the all-new Sunday Edition with Doug Wright, we dive into Utah's Proposition 2. How do people feel about the proposition itself, and what does a new legislative compromise bill mean for the issue of medical marijuana?