Road to Zero Remembrance Gallery

Spencer Rawles
Fatality # 159. Four seconds would have made a difference. Four seconds and Looking Twice would’ve saved his life.
Veronica Pedersen
Veronica was killed while walking to work in Tooele. She was 3 months pregnant.
Nathan Lance
Save a life! Look twice before turning, put your phone down. It can wait. Those who are left behind will miss you!
Micheal Green
My brother was killed in a crash with a person driving under the influence, in a stolen vehicle. It's time for change!
Tyler Blais and Darrin Elwood
My nephew Tyler and his best friend Darrin where killed in drowsy driving car accident. Tyler just 17 and Darrin 18.
Kirk Burton
He flipped his car taking his injured dog to the vet.
Gladys Ericson-Vause
My beautiful grandma was killed by an impaired wrong way driver.
Rachel Stay
My youngest child was killed in a head on collision with a semi on 12/16/2020.It broke just about every bone in her body
Norma Olson
My mother was killed in an automobile accident she was T-boned and ejected out the window. Died instantly from Injuries