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Andrew Adams

Is Ogden’s historic Browning Mansion home to more than just the living?

Jake Cox and Jackie Loveland moved into the historic John M. Browning Mansion, 505 27th Street, in March 2018 and have been the proud caretakers ever since.
7 months ago
Leslie's family tree...
Mary Culbertson and Cary Schwanitz, KSL TV

Haunted City: An anthology of KSL’s ghost investigations

In our "Haunted City" series this year, we're taking a look back at all of KSL's previous reporting on ghost stories of Utah.
7 months ago
The dark halls of an abandoned building in Helper, Utah. (KSL-TV's Jay Hancock)...
Andrew Adams, KSL TV

Haunted City: Helper restoration properties more than new owner bargained for

Utah man is digging up the past. But just how dark is that past? "There were more bones incinerated in this thing than there are at the city cemetery."
2 years ago
(Jay Hancock/KSL TV)...
Andrew Adams, KSL TV

‘Ghost’ Island: Historic ranch leaves visitors uneasy, touched, even scratched

An old ranch on an island in the Great Salt Lake is home to some disturbing encounters, which have left even extreme skeptics to question. KSL's Andrew Adams went to "Ghost Island" to investigate.
3 years ago
Skinwalker Ranch. (KSL-TV)...
Andrew Adams, KSL TV

Mystery of Utah’s Skinwalker Ranch very much alive

Regulars maintain someone can spend weeks at Skinwalker Ranch and nothing bad, odd or unusual will happen. And then in an instant, everything changes. 
4 years ago
Andrew Adams, KSL TV

Haunted Halls: Even ghosts apparently lamented demolition of old West Jordan Middle School

Mysterious noises always seem to have their source. But over time, those who roamed the halls of the old West Jordan Middle School listened closely.
5 years ago
The Hermit of American Fork Canyon...
Andrew Adams, KSL TV

Haunted Utah: The Places That Stay Spooky Even After Halloween

There are places in Utah that (allegedly) stay haunted all year round. These are the types of places you'll find ghost hunters and mediums trying to connect with the great beyond. 
5 years ago
KSL brought in a medium and a paranormal investigation team separately to see what could be detecte...
Andrew Adams, KSL TV

Can Objects Be Haunted? SLC Antiques Dealer Believes

In the decades he has worked as an antiques dealer, he has developed a belief that something else can linger with or inhabit the time-honored relics — something that goes well beyond simple ambiance.
6 years ago

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