Utah’s Air Quality

Some parts of Utah 
are looking a little hazier as wildfire smoke settles in. (KSL TV)...
Daniel Woodruff

Utah’s air quality gets worse as wildfire smoke moves in

Some parts of Utah are looking a little hazier as wildfire smoke settles in.
7 days ago
Two rulings by the Supreme Court gave Utah government full control over regulating air pollution fr...
Darby Sparks

Utah physician: air quality could ‘harm thousands of children’ after EPA regulations thrown out by Supreme Court

Two rulings by the Supreme Court gave Utah government full control over regulating air pollution from the state’s largest industrial contributors. The Environmental Protection Agency formerly had the authority to oversee regulations the state implemented.
21 days ago
Researchers gathered in a Weber State University room for a Air Quality Summit....
Mike Anderson

Air Quality Summit puts focus on Utah air pollution and solutions

Many of the researchers who study Utah's air pollution problems are sharing what they've found while working to find solutions during Thursday's Air Quality Summit.
4 months ago
An electric UTA bus charges in Salt Lake City, Utah. (KSL TV)...
Ken Fall

EXHAUSTED: Electric transit buses in Utah and the hope for a carbon neutral future

Does the UTA plan for all-electric buses make for dramatic air pollution reductions along the Wasatch Front?
6 months ago
green mountains send up smoke to cover the sky...
Mike Anderson

New $850,000 grant to help Utah monitor wildfire smoke and protect students

We've all see it, the time in late summer and early fall when Utah skies become gray with wildfire smoke. Sometimes it's from other states, sometimes it's even from Canada.
6 months ago
Multiple bills in the Utah Legislature aim to target air quality and offer tax breaks for switching...
Lindsay Aerts

Here’s what the Utah Legislature is doing to address air quality

Multiple bills in the Utah Legislature aim to target air quality and offer tax breaks for switching to electric lawn equipment.
6 months ago
Jennifer Love...
Katija Stjepovic

Rebates make clean air upgrades cheaper for Utahns

It's no secret that Utahns are exhausted by our bad air quality but there are ways you can help reduce emissions from your home.
6 months ago
KSL TV investigated how other cities are managing their air quality. Pictured here is maintenance w...
Deanie Wimmer

Exhausted by bad air: Is smog-eating tech something Utah should consider?

What if Salt Lake could address our pollution problem with technology that “eats” the smog? Several U.S. cities and countries are doing just that with surfaces treated with materials that “neutralize” smog. Is it a solution Utah should consider?
6 months ago
LOGAN -- Cache County often captures some of the worst air in the country. That's due to it being s...
Mike Anderson

Cache County inversions capture high levels of ammonia pollution

Thanks to the geography and agriculture industry in Cache Valley, the area often has the highest levels of ammonia-based air pollution in the country.
7 months ago
One of the Cottonwood Connect ski shuttles at the Utah Transit Authority Holladay Park and Ride lot...
Katija Stjepovic

Cottonwood Connect shuttles return for 2023-24 ski season

The Cottonwood Connect ski shuttle is returning on Friday for the 2023-24 ski season.
7 months ago
Salt Lake City's capitol building through a dense layer of fog and smog on Dec. 18, 2023. (KSL TV)...
Mike Anderson and Mary Culbertson, KSL TV

Smog poses health concerns for Salt Lake City; doctor advises change

A local doctor warns against possible health effects of Salt Lake City's pollution problem that's heavily present in the valley, advocating for community members to change some of their daily habits during the worst of it.
7 months ago
(KSL TV)...
Mike Anderson

Rising population contributes to Utah’s air pollution, but air quality is improving over the long term

Experts say that despite poor air quality Thursday, pollution is decreasing in Utah over the long term thanks to reduced per-capita emissions.
8 months ago
The inversion as seen from Salt Lake City on Nov. 29, 2023. (Jack Grimm, KSL TV)...

A storm and inversion relief is on its way to Utah

People should be able to breathe a little bit easier this weekend. A major winter storm is expected to dump snow all over Northern Utah and clear out the nasty air.
8 months ago
Salt Lake City 's inversion...
Katija Stjepovic

New construction projects are focusing on electric power over gas

Switching from gas to electric cars could drastically clean up Salt Lake City's air.
10 months ago
Smoke from fires in the Pacific Northwest create haze at Utah State University....
Carter Williams, KSL.com

Hazy, smoky skies return to Utah — but for how long?

Yes, wildfire smoke is back making hazy skies in Utah. Winds brought smoke from the Pacific Northwest into Utah on Wednesday.
11 months ago
TRAXX train stop...

UTA announces ‘Zero Fare for Clean Air’ on Thursday and Friday

Utah Transit Authority announced free fare days August 17-18. The free fare days, called “Zero Fare for Clean Air” are funded by the Utah State Legislature. The project intends to increase awareness and encourage public transit use on bad air quality days. 
11 months ago
The Wasatch Front pollution...
Bridger Beal-Cvetko, KSL.com 

Environmental justice report shows air quality disparities on Salt Lake City’s west side

Pollution has a "disproportionate" impact on several neighborhoods on Salt Lake City's west side, according to a preliminary report issued by the Environmental Protection Agency.
1 year ago
Air purifier...
Lauren Steinbrecher

Deadline nearing for Utah schools to get free air purifiers

Back-to-school preparations aren’t quite in full swing yet, but time is already running out for a program local doctors say could make a difference in your child’s brain development and learning at school. 
1 year ago
US Magnesium plant...
Mike Anderson

Study seeks causes for air pollution in Great Salt Lake area

A new study is taking a close look at air pollution around the Wasatch Front, and chemicals found in The Great Salt Lake.
1 year ago
(Chopper 5)...
Lauren Steinbrecher

Air pollution could harm child brain development, study shows

Researchers are revealing in a new study that air pollution has negative impacts on children's brains.
1 year ago
Inversion over Salt Lake City...
Katija Stjepovic and Cary Schwanitz, KSL TV

Utah kicks off it’s annual ‘Clear the Air’ challenge

Utah’s 14th annual Clear the Air challenge is just around the corner with the goal of improving our air by traveling smarter, specifically during the month of July.
1 year ago
The Salt Lake Valley covered in smoky air. (KSLTV)...
Jed Boal

Smoky air wafts into Utah from Canadian wildfires

Utah got a hefty dose of smoky air in the moderately unhealthy range from wildfires burning in Canada, but luckily it shouldn't be here much longer.
1 year ago
A layer of inversion keeps the skies grey over Salt Lake City on Thursday, Jan. 26. A small system ...
Jen Christensen

‘Equal opportunity to be healthy’: Stricter air pollution standards would benefit some populations more than others, study says

Everyone benefits when there is less air pollution, but it pays off more for older communities with high poverty rates and those where larger populations of Black people live, regardless of income, a new study finds.
1 year ago
Exibit shows Utah's air was a concern as far back as the 1880s....
Jed Boal

Exhibit: Concerns about Utah’s air quality go back to Brigham Young

An online exhibit details Utah’s unique air pollution problem going back to the 1880s when Utahns referred to the winter pollution as “smoke evil” or the “smoke nuisance”. 
1 year ago

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