Stay cool this summer with ceiling fans

May 6, 2024, 2:57 AM | Updated: 3:57 pm

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Summer is coming! The sun is setting later and rising earlier, and with that comes rising temperatures. It’s a great time to consider how ceiling fans can keep your home cool this summer. 

When used correctly, ceiling fans help circulate cool and warm air. They can also help you save on utilities. Keep reading to learn how to choose the right one for your home or troubleshoot if yours isn’t functioning. 

Choosing the right ceiling fan

First, decide which room needs a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can be installed indoors or out, but there are different considerations depending on the room’s use. For example, a bathroom or patio that receives a lot of moisture will need a wet/damp rating appropriate for its use. In general, you can use outdoor ceiling fans inside but do not use indoor fans outside. 

The following determination in choosing the right ceiling fan is your room size and height. Please take all of your room measurements before you begin shopping for your ceiling fan since that will help you determine the blade’s size and the cord’s length for hanging it. Ideally, ceiling fans should hang 8 feet above the floor and at least 12 inches below the ceiling to give you proper ventilation. 

Finally, you’ll want to consider the motor quality and energy efficiency to determine if the ceiling fan will be a long-term investment. Of course, you want the design to match the look and feel of the rest of your home. 

Buying a fan from a small business ensures you get a high-quality product and support your local community. The salespeople at local companies are more likely to give you more attention to help you find the fan that best fits your needs. They also typically have more extended warranties, ensuring your purchase is sound for the long haul. 

Installation tips

Each ceiling fan will have its installation guide, but there are a few general tips to remember before you begin your installation.

First, safety. 

  • Install with a second person if you need an extra set of hands. 
  • Turn off all of your power and gather the proper tools before starting. 
  • Remove the current light fixture or ceiling fan you are going to replace
  • Disconnect any wires. 

Finally, follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step guide. If you run into any questions during installation, if possible, contact the manufacturer directly or the store you purchased from for professional assistance.  

Using ceiling fans effectively

You can adjust your fan settings depending on the season and the temperature outside. In the summer or when it’s warmer, set your fan to turn counterclockwise. This direction pulls warm air up and pushes cool air down. In the winter or when it’s cooler outside, turn your fan clockwise. This direction distributes the warm air down. 

Having the right directional setting will help you save money on your utility bills since it will help regulate the temperature in your home. 


Finally, if your ceiling fan is not working optimally, Kichler has a few troubleshooting tips to help you solve the problem.

If the fan won’t start, turn the power off and check all the electrical connections, including circuit fuses and breakers. If applicable, confirm that the batteries are properly installed and fully charged. 

If the fan is noisy, check the motor housing screws and make sure they are snug. If there’s a lighting component to your fan, ensure the lightbulb is not touching the motor or any other part of the fan. Sometimes, however, a fan may need a 24-hour reset period to adjust and manually fix itself. 

If the fan is humming, check for loose screws in the motor housing, fan blade, and blade iron screws to make sure they’re all snug. You may also want to confirm the canopy cover ring fits snugly on the bottom of the canopy. 


Ceiling fans allow you to regulate temperature in an energy-efficient way. To have a more comfortable summer with breezy afternoons, consider browsing the selection of fans at Lighting Design and working with a local company to meet your home’s needs.

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Stay cool this summer with ceiling fans