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  • What To Watch this weekend in theaters and streaming (Nov. 26, 2021)

    Holiday movies are coming in large numbers to streaming services now that we're past Thanksgiving. KSL's Andy Farnsworth gives you and your family some suggestions that may be worth making time to watch, like 8-BIT CHRISTMAS, CANDY COATED CHRISTMAS, PRINCESS SWITCH 3, ROBIN ROBIN and others.
  • REVIEW: ‘House of Gucci’ movie feels more like House of Gaga

    The gorgeous Italian locations and iconic fashion on display in the new movie HOUSE OF GUCCI are only exceeded by the powerhouse acting and performances from Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, says KSL TV's Morgan Wolfe in her review. She also felt the movie was a little too long for a single story and may have been better served in two parts.
  • What To Watch this weekend in theaters and streaming (Nov. 19, 2021)

    Lots of options heading into the weekend for people to enjoy, whether on the big screen or streaming. KSL's Andy Farnsworth is here with some suggestions, including a return to the world of GHOSTBUSTERS and PSYCH, adaptations of books, THE WHEEL OF TIME and HARRIET THE SPY, an animated series from Marvel that is NOT for kids, and a new season of STAR TREK DISCOVERY.
  • REVIEW: ‘Eternals’ movie brings new characters and new direction to Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Marvel's latest movie ETERNALS brings a team of lesser-known comic book superheroes to the big screen. KSL's Andy Farnsworth says some impressive visuals, casting and a big-name director (Chloe Zhao) may be offset for some by the long run time, unfamiliar characters and different direction that the movie takes.
  • Your movie guide for the 2021 holiday season

    A couple of Marvel movies, long-awaited sequels to "Ghostbusters" and the "Matrix", and plenty of Christmas tales highlight the movie release calendar during the holiday season of November and December 2021. KSL's Andy Farnsworth has put together a guide to help make sure you don't miss anything you wanted to see, and know where you can watch them.
  • Where to stream your favorite family-friendly Halloween movies and shows

    If you're wanting to stream your favorite family-friendly Halloween movie or TV show but don't know where to find it, have no fear! (Get it?) KSL's Andy Farnsworth is here with a list of some of the most popular offerings and where you can watch them!
  • REVIEW: Hilarious ‘Ron’s Gone Wrong’ is the most fun your kids will have at a movie this year

    A timely, relatable message and very a likeable character voiced by Zach Galifianakis make the new animated movie "Ron's Gone Wrong" one of the most enjoyable movies a family can watch together right now, according to KSL's Andy Farnsworth. He says it's the most fun your kids will have at a movie this year.
  • REVIEW: ‘Dune’ a slow-simmering but epic and visually stunning movie adaptation of classic sci-fi novel

    The latest movie adaptation of 'Dune' is an epic and visually stunning effort from director Denis Villaneuve with an outstanding cast. But KSL's Andy Farnsworth worries the long run time and complicated plot will keep the casual moviegoer from seeing it in theaters.
  • REVIEW: Brutal ‘The Last Duel’ movie a difficult watch despite big-name cast, epic scope

    Despite the prestigious names involved with "The Last Duel," and some worthwhile points the movie brings to light, KSL's Andy Farnsworth says the difficult nature of the subject matter and the graphic content of the film are the reasons he can't recommend it to most people.
  • REVIEW: Daniel Craig’s James Bond Faces His Endgame in ‘No Time To Die’

    "No Time To Die" is an exciting, emotional, and LONG send-off for Daniel Craig as James Bond according to KSL's Andy Farnsworth. He says most Bond fans should be satisfied with this epic, big-screen conclusion to a 15-year story journey over five movies.