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4 Easy Tips to Deep Clean Your Grill for Safe Summer BBQ

This article about safe summer bbq is sponsored by Orson Gygi. Family owned and operated since 1945, Orson Gygi is the West’s premier source for kitchen tools, supplies, and specialty foods. Visit them at

When was the last time you really cleaned out your grill? Last month? Last Summer? 8 years ago when you had a bunch of people over from work and you cooked burgers stuffed with cheese, but then you found out Laura was vegan? Before you fire up your propane grill you should really do some deep cleaning so you can safely grill to your heart’s content this summer. Candace Heward and Heather Smith from Orson Gygi share the best ways to get your grill nice and clean.

Here are 3 easy ways you can deep clean your propane-powered grill for safe summer BBQ:

1. Clean Out the Inside of the Grill

Obviously, let your grill cool completely, then remove the grates for the grill. They aren’t attached, and even easily slip right out of your grill. Then you’ll find some protective grease guards over the burners, take those out, they come out even easier than the grates did. Next, with a long-handled stainless steel brush, you’re going to brush off the burner tubes perpendicular to the way they run. Get as much of the debris off as you can. You really only need to do this once a year, but you just want to make sure that the propane is able to escape through all the vents so you cook evenly and thoroughly. Next, using a flat spatula, scrape down all the inside surfaces of your grill. Most of the caked on stuff should come off pretty easily.

2. Clean Out the Drip Tray and Grease Collection Pan

Don’t remove these before you do the steps above because it will make cleanup a breeze! Usually, there are two trays for collecting the excess debris that comes off the food you are grilling. First, there is a larger drip tray that is usually the width of your BBQ and has a large hole in it. The hole leads to a second grease collection pan. once you have cleaned off the inside of your BBQ, remove the grease collection pan, then the drip tray. Usually, the grease collection pan has a holder built into it for the grease collection pan. Scrape off the drip tray, and empty the grease collection pan. These two locations are where a fire is most likely to happen, so unless you want to know what it’s like to have your eyebrows burned off and have to explain it to everyone, make sure you clean these as well as possible!

3. Make Sure Everything is Hooked Up Correctly

Start by connecting your grill’s regulator to your propane tank. Not sure if your grill is fully connected? Take a rag and get it drenched in soapy water and coat all the connections between your tank and grill. If you start seeing bubbles, there is likely a leak somewhere. At that point, you have a few options. Make sure everything is clean, and that everything has been tightened down hard enough. If all else fails, it could be the regulator. These can be found at most hardware stores that sell grills.

But hopefully, you didn’t see any bubbles at all! If you didn’t, can you guess what time it is?

4. Grill Time!

The best part of all this hard work is firing up your safe and clean grill for your summer BBQ. Enjoy your grilling season with your nicely cleaned BBQ grill!

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