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Inspiration from The Best Entrepreneurs in Technology: How Utah’s Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is Changing Your Tech Business Landscape

Photo: Eric Openshaw

This article the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit is sponsored by Silicon Slopes. Silicon Slopes is empowering Utah’s startup and tech community to learn, connect and serve.

This year’s Silicone Slopes Tech Summit was record breaking with over 24,000 people in attendance and over 40 speakers and tech entrepreneurs talking about the drive that motivates their powerhouse companies. The event even hosted the Nasdaq closing bell.

Photo: Eric Openshaw

The record-breaking Silicon Slopes Tech Summit event brought together some incredible minds and entrepreneurs who are helping to shape the way we interact with the world.

Some of this year’s featured Silicon Slopes Tech Summit speakers were:

Alex Rodrigez

Photo: Eric Openshaw

The New York Yankees baseball legend, took the stage to chat about his years playing the game, his struggle with recovery, and the development and continuing preservation of his company, A-Rod Corp. Starting when he was younger, before he even had a baseball career, A-Rod was selling real estate and continues to be involved in it. Since developing his brand, he has claimed a stake in investments that span from fitness and lifestyle companies, car dealerships, all the way to branded and crowd focused content networks.

Margo Georgiadis

Photo: Eric Openshaw

The CEO of Margo Georgiadis has a lot to take on. is a family history website based in Utah around trying to reconnect their users with the best most accurate records of their relatives who are long since gone. She explained at the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit that is obsessed about what they can do next for its users. They have to have the best historical records of all of the family history websites. But Margo explained that it doesn’t matter how good the records are if they can’t get those records to their users. So they are always developing ways that they can innovate and reach a wider user base and reconnect long forgotten relatives and their information for users to interact with.

John Warnock

Photo: Eric Openshaw

You may not be familiar with the name, but there’s a good chance you are familiar with the company that he co-founded. Does the name Adobe mean anything to you?  Not only was John one of the early developers of the predecessor of the Internet, the ARPANET, but he is an alum of the University of Utah. And when he started to develop software with his company Adobe many people in the tech industry took notice. Including his competition Steve Jobs and Bill Gates who even made public claims that they would put John and Adobe out of business.

John is cited as the creator of the PDF file format. With Adobe, John continues to maintain his vision of keeping all of the software they develop available on all computer platforms.


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