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Bitcoin scammers: Here are 3 Vicious Bitcoin Scams You Should Protect Yourself From

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With Bitcoin increasing in value again, the scammers are out in full force. You need to protect yourself from someone stealing your Bitcoin. Here are 3 vicious Bitcoin scams you’ll need to watch out for since you’ll be a scammer’s target.

 Fake Exchanges

Fake Bitcoin exchanges exist with the primary function of luring in someone who wants to buy Bitcoin at a remarkably low price. These types of exchanges can even look completely reputable and realistic. Don’t fall for it. Since Bitcoin has become more popular as a cryptocurrency, so has the popularity for scammers to try to steal it. Check out Bitcoin’s recommendations for the real and reputable exchanges where you are


Phishing is one of the most common methods of fraud on the internet. The scammer attempts to get information about how by disguising themselves. These kinds of scammers can use fraudulent websites, emails, even text messages to try and fool you. Even tech-savvy Bitcoin users are susceptible to this kind of attack. So how do you protect yourself? The best way is by just staying vigilant anytime you receive messages that seems fishy. Check the email address it came from. If it’s not an official email from the company they are claiming to be, don’t respond. Don’t even open the email. Just delete it.

If it’s calling for you to log in, and the website is supposedly a reputable one, always find the website directly and login that way. URL’s can easily be spoofed, and putting your info into the scammer’s login on the website they created will just give them your info to login to the real site and wreak havoc.

Malware and Ransomware

Malware might be installed on your computer and you may not even know it. Some installed malware programs will change bitcoin addresses when they’re pasted from a user’s clipboard. That means all of your bitcoin unknowingly gets sent to the scammer’s address instead. And reversing a Bitcoin transaction is nearly impossible. If you noticed after you submitted the payment, it’s probably too late.

And Ransomware is even worse. When the program locks your computer and demands a refund to return your computer to working order. You’re stuck. And you could lose all of your documents. This is where a professional can come in handy like the ones at PC Laptops.

What Can You Do if You Think You’ve Been the Victim of Bitcoin Scams?

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