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The Misunderstood Box Grater: 4 Ways How to Use a Box Grater Correctly and Make Your Time in the Kitchen More Efficient

Photo: Sigmund, Unsplash

This article about how the versatile box grater is presented by Orson Gygi. Family owned and operated since 1945. Helping to preserve the Gygi Tradition with tools, tips, and solutions for every kitchen adventure – visit

You have one in the kitchen, and you actually use it fairly often. But probably only in one way. Your box grater has so many more uses than we give it credit for! Heather Smith and Candace Heward share how to use every side of this misunderstood kitchen tool.

1. Slice

Photo: Frank C. Müller under CC BY-SA 4.0

The slicing side of your box grater should be your secret weapon for slicing up those veggies quickly and easily. Try it out on things like potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, and squash. Don’t worry about using a knife for really thin slices of veggies for salads or even for making the perfect slices to fry into the perfect potato chips!

2. Grate

Photo: Orson Gygi

Use the superfine grate to zest those lemons, limes, and oranges for your next meal. The only downside about using this side of the grater is that it’s a little hard to clean. But don’t fear it. It’s amazing what a little lemon zest can add to your favorite sauces and dishes. It might not be very finger-friendly, but try to grate ginger or even cinnamon on this and it will likely go a long way.

3. Finely Shred


Photo: Storyblocks

If you don’t want to threaten your fingers on the grating side of your box grater, try using the small shredding side instead. This is great for citrus if you don’t need the super small consistency, but you still want a big pop in the taste of your food. This side of the grater is also great for harder cheese like parmesan to shred for things like Ceasar salads.

4. Shred

Photo: Ben Hosking under CC BY 2.0

You probably already give this side of your grater plenty of attention in your kitchen. While you probably use this side for cheese, any veggies can be shredded on here as well. You can even use it to shred butter that is too col/frozen to be used immediately. How do you like to use this side? You can find more kitchen tips and new ways to use your box grater at