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Do You Think Fall is Too Late for Your Backyard Project? No way! 5 Easy Fall Backyard Projects that Will Beautify Your Yard and Garden

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A lot of people think that fall is the wrong time to be doing projects in your yard and garden, but fall is actually a great time to beautify your backyard. Here are 5 backyard projects that are easy and will make your yard look great!

1. Fall Gardening

Fall Backyard Projects

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Many different plants can be planted in the fall for a beautiful garden or a fall harvest. Beets and carrots have a short growing cycle and are safe in Utah well into October when the first frost usually happens. In addition to carrots and beets, most root vegetables will do well into the fall. Some will even do great until the first hard freeze. Building a cold frame is another option that can push your veggies even later in the fall. They basically act as a greenhouse and can be built on, or even in, the ground.

2. Build a Deck

Backyard Projects DIY

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Building a deck in your backyard is not only something that can be incredibly useful for you and your family, but it can even potentially raise the value of your home. And it can all be done in a weekend if you are well prepared with the correct tools and know the process. Digging the holes and pouring the cement is probably the hardest part, but framing your deck should be a breeze.

3. Build a Firepit

Backyard Firepit - Backyard Projects

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A fire pit is a great accessory to your backyard. Not only can they help decorate part of a yard, but they are even useful to keep you and your family outside later into the fall months. It’s pretty easy to clear an area in your backyard, dig some of the lawn out, and construct something that will keep you warm for years.

4. Plant a Tree

Backyard Projects - Fall season

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Believe it or not, the fall is a great time to plant a tree. Planting a tree in the fall can actually give an extra growing season before the next hot summer. That helps promote better growth. Remember that 50º is the magic temperature for the soil for deciduous trees. Any temperatures above that are fine. And 60º is the magic number for evergreen trees. And don’t forget to water your newly planted tree. Even if the leaves have dropped, it will need to be watered weekly.

5. Build a Pergola

Fall Building - Backyard Projects

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If you are looking to add a little shade and a nice design aesthetic to your backyard, building a pergola or arbor can be a great addition. The post hole process can be quite similar to building a deck, so if you’ve already checked that off your list, you’re in business. On their own, a pergola can be absolutely beautiful in any back yard. But for more shade, you might even consider planting some vines to complement and grow up the pergola. Popular varieties include bougainvillea, hops, wisteria, climbing roses, or even grapes.

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