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Bowled Over: Striking Drone Video Goes Viral

(KARE) – If you’re a fan of Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, Minnesota or just a fan of unbelievable video, chances are you’re one of the millions of people who have now seen or shared a viral, single-take drone video that is almost too good to believe.

“Everyone is like doubting it,” says Farrah Donovan, a bartender at Bryant Lake Bowl. “I can vouch that it’s 100% real. I was here.”

Donovan was among several staff members and volunteers who showed up to act for the drone shoot, produced by Sky Candy Studios, last week.

Director Anthony Jaska said the video wasn’t produced as a commercial for the business, it was meant to serve as a way to showcase the potential of storytelling through the use of a first-person view drone (FPV), which is a very small drone that can fly into tight spaces that once seemed impossible.

“It’s just doing something unique,” Jaska says. “It’s taking a traditional storytelling and putting new technology behind it. There’s no cuts. It’s a one-take, no CG.”

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