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London Rooftop - Concert - Live Stream
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Park City Film Studios Unveils Virtual Production Powerhouse With the Cutting-edge London Rooftop Live Music Experience in Salt Lake City

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London Rooftop - Park City Film StudioThis article about the London Rooftop Live Stream and Concert is presented by Park City Film Studios

Park City Film Studios, Redman Movies and Stories, Park City Film Tech LLC, and Mountain View Staging (with offices in Utah and San Francisco, Ca.) are collaborating. That’s because they are bringing new cutting-edge virtual video production facilities to Utah.

Together, they developed an incredible streaming television series called The London Rooftop hosted by David Archuleta. Also, they are presenting the experience live! The London Rooftop Live concert will dazzle audiences at the Capitol Theatre August 6-7, 2021.

How is the London Rooftop’s Technology Different?

London Rooftop - The Beatles

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“Everyone is talking about Disney’s The Mandalorian and similar TV series that have been produced using this incredible technology,” said Park City Film Tech CEO Jonathan Garrison. Undoubtedly, Utah now has the technology to create the same quality of film, live, and corporate productions. That’s because they are using STYPE RED SPY along with STYPE FOLLOWER technologies. These LED panel technologies, above all, leave green screen technologies in the dust.

“We have made a substantial investment in Utah,” said Brianna Ericksen, General Manager of Park City Film Studios. “This collaboration and new technology along with film grade LED walls, enables us to create world-class virtual productions.”

Bryan Clifton owns Redman Movies and Stories. He said they “can make a film, or corporate production, look like it was filmed anywhere in the world. Or even on another planet without leaving Utah”

Giving Everyone A Taste of Hollywood Technology in Real Life

London Rooftop - Utah Capitol Theatre

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First, to give everyone a real look at these technological capabilities, the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake will be transformed into a London Rooftop on August 6 & 7. The live concert will particularly feature performances by the legendary rock band The Grimm with Headliner David Cook season 7 winner of American Idol, along with other famous guests to come!

“The live London Rooftop event at the Capitol Theatre is not just a two-night concert, it’s a celebration of a return to live music events after we have been in lockdown for over a year,” stated executive co-producer, Fred Bronson. Then, the London Rooftop TV series will come next. Without a doubt, it will present incredible musicians from all over the world to an international audience.

in particular, Organizer Greg Ericksen said, “this will be the first full-capacity event to take place at the Capitol Theatre in Salt Lake City since the Pandemic arrived in March 2020.”

Where Can You Get Tickets for this One of a Kind Experience?

England - The Grimm Band - London Rooftop

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Tickets are on sale now at

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