How to Choose What MBA Program is Right for You: Take this Quiz Before You Apply!

Mar 20, 2023, 11:41 AM | Updated: 3:53 pm

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This article about MBA programs is sponsored by BYU MBA at the Marriott School of Business.

Take this quiz to find out what MBA program is right for you!

MBAs are great programs to develop your leadership skills, network with other professionals, and enhance your business capabilities. They also help advance your career, so you’re more likely to have a higher income after graduation. But before you start applying to a school, run through these questions and see if the program will help you meet your goals.

Does it have classes I want to take?

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Different schools offer different programs and curricula. Look up the class offerings before you sign up. Though classes may change from semester to semester, you can get a feel for the program by looking at the current class schedule to see if there are courses that match your professional goals.

Don't forget to look into Executive MBA programs as well, as they let you apply the leadership and management lessons you learn directly into your business.

Does it offer career progression in a job I want?

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Consider the type of jobs you want, and then make sure the school you're applying to can help advance you to that position. In an Executive MBA program, there are many networking opportunities that allow you to develop relationships with your classmates and other colleagues in your line of work. Students often see their work product improve during the program and obtain the promotions and raises that they are seeking.

Schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor to ask questions about job placements that alumni have received or businesses they have started. This will help you get a sense of what other graduates in the program are doing after completion.

Can I afford it?

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Tuition costs vary widely from school to school, depending on several factors. Watch out for hidden fees and extra costs that some MBA programs require.

There are many different scholarship opportunities and student loans available. Talk to a financial advisor before you apply to see if it fits your budget.

Many MBA grads earn a higher income (up to 80% higher five years after graduation) after they complete the program. Because of your increased likelihood of higher income potential, it is not unreasonable to consider taking out loans that can be repaid quickly after graduation.

Is it in a location I can easily get to?

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Consider the school's location and determine if it's a place you want to live in. Factors such as living in a place close to friends and family, accessibility to transportation and travel, cost of living, and others might help you determine if it's the right place for you to live in. You should also consider if it is close to major freeways, public transportation, and airports.

Some schools offer online courses, but think about what you might miss out on if you choose this option. Attending in person allows you to network with other students, build relationships with professors, and participate in clubs and other community events outside of school.

Does the program align with my values?

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What are important values to you in the workplace? Spend some introspective time to determine this, and then read the school's mission and value statements to see if they align. For example, at BYU MBA at the Marriott School of Business, their values are clearly outlined: faith in Christ, integrity in action, respect for all, and excellence.

Will it get me closer to meeting my professional goals?

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Outside of just career progression, think of the other skills and tools you want to improve upon during your time in school. MBA programs help students develop skills in leadership, finances and operation, listening and communication, strategic planning, problem-solving, data analytics, networking opportunities, and more.

Does the program cap the number of people admitted into each class?

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Fewer people in your classes mean you have more one-on-one time from your professor. A smaller cohort also allows you to network and collaborate with classmates easily. Look for programs that cap their class sizes at around 20-30 people.

Can I manage the workload required for the program?

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Do you want to work full-time while getting your MBA? If so, an Executive MBA program allows you to continue working while taking classes on nights and weekends. You should put some consideration into your bandwidth to continue your career while taking on the additional workload of a rigorous MBA program.

Am I qualified to get in?

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Check the admissions guidelines carefully, and evaluate your qualifications honestly. Look out for GMAT scores, years of work experience, or GPA qualifications before you apply to see if you have a fair chance of being admitted. If you are unsure, reach out to an admissions officer to ask them more specific questions.

(draft 2023) How to choose what MBA program is right for you: Ask these questions before you apply!

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If you've answered yes to most of these questions, start preparing for your application! Your future awaits you.
More research needed

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You might want to spend more time researching and reflecting if this program is the right fit. Talk to your friends, family, and coworkers to see if they have some advice or insights you didn't consider.
Probably not a good fit

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It might not be the right program for you if you aren't confident in answering yes to most of the questions above. But don't be discouraged! Spend more time researching, talk to alumni, or reach out to admissions officers to see if there's another program better suited to meet your goals.

The BYU Executive MBA program meets on Fridays and Saturdays every other week at the Downtown SLC center near Frontrunner, Trax, and 10 minutes from the airport. More than 50% of students have undergrad degrees in something other than business, and 32% are female. Tuition is all-inclusive including a Foreign Business Excursion overseas and to a Leadership Retreat in Moab. It is a rigorous and selective Executive MBA program, with the same professors in the full-time MBA Program at BYU.

For the full-time MBA program at the Marriott School of Business, 99% of students of the class of 2022 were placed within 3 months of graduation. The graduating class of 2022 had an average of a 78% increase in salary from the start of the program to graduation. The school is ranked #10 in Most Competitive Students by the Princeton Review. They have a world class business training in an environment of faith, ethics, and inspired learning.

Apply today and learn more about these two programs on their website.

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How to Choose What MBA Program is Right for You: Take this Quiz Before You Apply!