Peter Rosen

A cartoonist’s take on this country

A graphic novelist illustrated his and his wife's time living in America moving from big cities to the woods and their experiences growing up multicultural.
26 days ago

First the Coen Brothers, then the Wachowski Sisters … now the Also Sisters

Two filmmakers at the University of Utah are in production of a new horror film with their class of film students. They're also twin sisters.
1 month ago

A Utah film entitled ‘Ninety-Five Senses’ is an Oscar contender

A short film designed to give young animators a leg up got them a lot more – an Academy Award nomination.
1 month ago

How a stroke inspired a poetry professor

Every year, about 800,000 Americans have strokes. But it seems that, unlike Shanan Ballam, few people found poetry in it.
1 month ago

Utah artist painted life and death scenes as metaphors. Then they became all-too-real

A local artist who paints the precarious nature of life found himself in a uncertain waters because of his health.
4 months ago

Tying up ‘Loose Ends’: Handwork project brings joy to those in grief

A project started by two women from Seattle and Portland, Maine finishes crafting and handwork projects unfinished by those lost or those that can no longer complete them. The project has expanded to families all over the U.S.
4 months ago

Musician returning to stage following a traumatic brain injury

A Logan musician who had a traumatic brain injury and lost the ability and drive to make music is taking the stage again, thanks, in part, to his bandmates.
5 months ago

Growing memories: The philosophy of a memory care facility chef

David Bench, chef at a memory care facility, set up garden boxes, tends to bees an chickens in order to involve residents in the farm-to-table process.
6 months ago

The Yo-Yo Man’s trick to staying happy: Playing with yo-yos

The "Yo-Yo Man" is Dale Myrberg, who entertains crowds with amazing yo-yo tricks. This year, he performed for crowds at Snowbird's Oktoberfest for the 35th time.
6 months ago

Utah man’s mission began on an overpass

Men are four times more likely than women to die by suicide. For Joe Tuia'ana that’s more than a statistic.
7 months ago

A Utah artist’s relocations: Navigating life’s volcanoes through art

Explore Utah artist Samantha DaSilva's journey inspired by volcanoes, dirt and salt, reflecting life's impermanence.
8 months ago

Intermountain Health Heart Transplant Program: 600 stories

Discover how Intermountain Health's heart transplant teamwork brings hope and improved outcomes. Learn about patient stories and medical success.
8 months ago

A Crossroads for the planet: A physicist and his wake-up-call of a show

Physicist Robert Davies has been taking his show "The Crossroads Project" to audiences all over the U.S. for years. KSL news explores his brutal perspective and how it translates through art.
8 months ago

Utah filmmaker highlights neurodivergent talent through ‘Thunderfeather’ organization

A Utah filmmaker is trying to create opportunities for people who are neurodivergent, in the movies.
8 months ago

Meet ‘Miss Moody’

A Utah ceramic artist decided to take everything that wasn't funny in her life and turn it into art that she can smile at.
11 months ago

‘Weird shaped house’ becomes dream home for musical family

A Provo couple wasn't planning to buy a house when they moved back to town about 10 years ago, but the house had other ideas.
11 months ago

The Utahns who level up video game music

Video game music has been getting a new recognition and respect, and some of it is for a high-profile game title created right here in Utah.
11 months ago

Pathmaker program aims to change the face of medicine

Many minorities are seriously underrepresented in the medical field, and a program at the Huntsman Cancer Institute aims to help change that.
1 year ago

Utah man creates company devoted to flywheel energy storage

What weighs as much as a Toyota Corolla, spins at thousands of rotations per minute, and, a Utah entrepreneur hopes, might one day live in your backyard and store power to run your home? It’s called flywheel energy storage.
1 year ago

Competitive speed puzzling boosts adrenaline for participants

Most people find jigsaw puzzles a peaceful, relaxing activity, but speed puzzlers do not.
1 year ago

The man who walked backward

Parkinson's Disease, now perhaps more prevalent than once thought, is a disease that often hides in plain sight, and KSL's Peter Rosen knows that better than anyone.
1 year ago

Utah professor’s team may have figured out why we lost our fur coats

Scientists at the University of Utah and the University of Pittsburgh think they know the genes that made us lose our fur coats.
1 year ago

Utah writer-blogger finds baking bread gives whole-life nourishment, healing

When a Salt Lake woman needed help with physical and mental rehabilitation after a life-threatening illness, she turned to baking bread.
1 year ago

Trying to leave no carbon footprints

Making a new year’s resolution to shrink your carbon footprint in 2023? According to two people who’ve kept track of their contributions to greenhouse gases, you can make it smaller without spending more money.
1 year ago