Failure to Protect

Joshua Homer in court Tuesday, March 7. (Josh Szymanik/KSL TV)...
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera

‘Clear and present danger’: Accused serial predator headed to prison

Joshua Homer is headed to the Utah State Prison after a judge revoked his probation Tuesday.
21 days ago
Failure to protect...
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera, KSL-TV 

Only a fraction of reported sexual assaults are prosecuted in Utah; Experts say it’s time to ‘up our game’ 

Utah’s low sexual assault prosecution rates leave many survivors feeling discouraged and dismissed. The KSL Investigators dig into why experts say Utah can do better. 
28 days ago
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera

Rape cases involving same suspect ‘wrongfully closed,’ getting new look after KSL Investigation

Reports of sexual assault against an accused serial predator have piled up over the last decade, with most of them going nowhere: Cases closed, rejected, and forgotten. The KSL Investigators found a troubling trail of failures by law enforcement to fully investigate.
29 days ago
Christopher Browning in court....
Daniella Rivera & Keira Farrimond

Police were warned rapist could reoffend 24 years ago. Now he’s charged again.

A convicted rapist paroled in December faced a Utah judge today on 10 new felony charges including aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping.
2 months ago
(Taylorsville Police Department)...
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera

Questions surround convicted rapist’s release as police investigate aggravated sexual assault

Despite admitted anger issues and a recent history of assault, Utah’s Board of Pardons and Parole released a convicted rapist back into the community last month. Now, he is charged with aggravated rape in an attack on a Taylorsville woman he communicated with while in prison.
2 months ago
Christopher Browning (Taylorsville PD)...
Keira Farrimond

Convicted rapist arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape in Taylorsville

A convicted Utah rapist is back in custody, the suspect in an aggravated rape in Taylorsville, just 49 days after being released from the Utah State Prison where he served 24 years for rape and burglary.  
2 months ago
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera, KSL TV

Sex assault claims piled up. Little jail time followed. Utahn now called an ‘extreme public safety risk’

Authorities arrested Joshua Homer, 26, a day after a KSL TV investigation detailed his crimes against women and what critics say is a lack of accountability for those offenses. A judge has granted a request to keep him behind bars as he faces allegations of violating his probation.
3 months ago
Joshua Homer, 26, is back behind bars one day after a KSL investigation into his past revealed crim...
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera, KSL TV

An accused serial predator is back behind bars, but for how long?

A KSL investigation into Joshua Homer’s past revealed crimes against women spanning the last decade, but sentences amounting to less than a month in jail. Wednesday, the KSL Investigators learned Homer is back behind bars. The question now is how long he'll stay there.
3 months ago
Joshua Homer stands in a court room...
Keira Farrimond and Daniella Rivera, KSL TV

Utah woman says justice system failed to protect her from an accused serial predator

Feeling let down by Utah’s justice system, several women took to the internet to spread warnings about an accused serial predator. The KSL Investigators spent months digging into his past and found a series of crimes against women and girls spanning the last decade, but sentences amounting to less than a month behind bars.
4 months ago
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Daniella Rivera

‘This has got to change’: In Utah, sexual assaults are poorly tracked and under prosecuted

Just a fraction of reported sexual assaults are prosecuted in Utah. As KSL Investigators discovered, poor tracking and reporting throughout the state's criminal justice system makes it difficult to know the true scope of the problem.
1 year ago

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