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FanX’s Erika Sobrowski: Real-Life Superhero with Extraordinary Strength

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – It isn’t every day you meet someone who has a pet squirrel, let alone one running around on their shoulders sharing a Sprite.

But Erika Sobrowski is anything but ordinary.

When she’s not nursing animals like her squirrel back to health, she’s working for FanX and overseeing hundreds of volunteers. She also works at Huntsman Cancer Institute, and she’s been fighting breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.

Earlier this week, we surprised her. Just days before one of Utah’s most popular events, we dropped by the Fan X office to give her a KSL High 5.

She does a lot of work for FanX, but she’s also kind of a super hero in real life because of the work she does for animals.

Erika is also a full-time mom and wife, and we learned she’s very humble.

“I do things,” she said. “I’m not a superhero.”

FanX founder Dan Farr and Erika’s co-workers would disagree.

“Well, Idon’t think Erika sleeps,” Dan says. “She’s been through an awful lot and she powered through, and that’s the super hero in her.”

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