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Man Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting Inside West Valley City Hall Identified

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – An adult man was shot and killed inside West Valley City Hall Friday night in an officer-involved shooting.

Chad Michael Breinholt, 31, has been identified as the man who police shot and killed.

Police say he was at a business last night, causing problems, and when officers arrived they could tell he was intoxicated and had been driving.


Chad Michael Breinholt

Officials with WVCPD said the incident happened Friday night before 11 p.m. in the DUI processing area, which is a small room in the basement area of the building.

WVCPD Public Information Officer Roxanne Vainuku said Breinholt had been arrested but did not confirm if he was handcuffed or restrained. During the processing of the suspect, an altercation occurred and a WVCPD officer fired his weapon at the suspect.

Paramedics were called right away but it was already too late.
Exactly what that altercation was about in that processing room is not being made public at this point.

“It’s a very small area, so when we have a DUI case, the suspect is then brought into this area inside of a small room. There is an intoxilizer and there are also chairs for the officer and one chair for the suspect in the case,” Vainuku said.

She said officers were equipped with body cameras and footage from the incident does exist. She did not say if there were security cameras in the area but did confirm there were multiple officers present in the area.

Salt Lake City Police Department will be handling the investigation and Vainuku said more information will be available in the morning. The officer will be placed on administrative leave according to WVCPD protocol after an officer-involved critical incident.

UPDATE: West Valley City Police brief on officer-involved critical incident at City Hall

Posted by KSL 5 TV on Friday, August 23, 2019

KSL asked if the man was in handcuffs, if he was searched before this process, if maybe he made an attempt to grab the officers gun but at this point, those are all questions without any public answers.

Since this involved an officer, the officer critical incident protocol was put into place, which means the Salt Lake City police department will be the investigating agency, but the West Valley police department will be the agency releasing information.

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