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70% Of Teens Experience Cyberbullying, Experts Say

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Cellphones, computers and tablets almost outnumber textbooks in schools. Nearly 90% of teens have smart phones, according to Common Sense Media.

Experts say half of kids have some sort of social media account by the age of 12, and social media can make teens feel excluded, lonely or bad about themselves.

“Children are becoming introduced to these digital dangers much earlier than you would think,” said Tatania Jordan, the chief parent officer at Bark.

Bark is a service that monitors children’s texts, emails and websites for parents.

They found more than 60% of tweens and 70% of teens experience cyberbullying.

Doctors suggest parents keep an eye on their kids when they’re offline as well as online, and look for indications they may have experienced something negative on social media.