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Logan Restaurant Offering Meals For Out-Of-Work Fathers

LOGAN, Utah – One Cache County restaurant owner is giving out-of-work fathers a free meal this Father’s Day weekend, but even he has been surprised by the support he’s received from his community.

Cajun food isn’t something you typically find in Utah.

But step into MayMoes in Logan, and you’d think Bourbon Street was just outside.

Jason Davis owns Maymoes and was still amazed at how much the community has supported his dream.

“This community has been so good to us,” said Davis. “There’s so much good out there, you just got to look for it.”

That’s why he often gives back to the community.

MayMoes, located in Logan, served Cajun cuisine.

He has helped donate food to flood victims, government workers out of work during the government shutdown and donates money to charitable causes throughout Cache County.

Many of his customers have noticed.

“Jason is always thinking of the community. He’s always thinking how can I give back,” said Danny Swett, who lives in Logan.

However, not even Davis could’ve predicted how big his latest idea would become.

“It just blew up,” he said.

With so many people out of work because of coronavirus concerns, Davis was worried dads might not be able to afford a meal out with their families this weekend.

So, he decided, for families where dad is out of work, to give them a meal for free.

“I have been broke as a joke on Father’s Day,” said Davis. “And what makes it even worse this year, is there’s so many people out of work through no fault of their own. The community has supported us through this COVID great, they’ve shopped, they’ve bought gift cards, they’ve really supported the local business, so we said, let’s give a little bit back.”

Davis posted his offer on social media.

The real surprise, though, was when people started donating to him even though he didn’t ask for a penny.

Many people brought in handwritten cards with cash in them.

Members of the Cache Valley community have donated hundreds to Davis’s cause.

In two days, he’s received hundreds of dollars, donated to his cause from people who just want to help pay for a meal.

“This is my gift for fathers out there. Pay it forward,” said Davis as he read one of the cards. “I was taught to be like my dad. It’s the best gift I can give.”

Davis said lots of other people found his restaurant on Venmo and donated a few bucks here and there.

“Maybe everybody is looking for something good right now. I don’t know,” he said.

Davis’s offer was good for Friday and Saturday night — MayMoes is closed Sundays.

He also knew there might be some people who will take advantage of him, but he said he doesn’t care because he believes there are more good people than bad out there.

“If they scam me, then they scam me,” he said. “I sleep at night, you know. They got to sleep now.”

Davis was planning on doing this out of his pocket even though he has taken quite a loss the past few months for being closed.

“I’ve said for years, when I’m six feet under, all I’ve got is my name to leave behind,” he said. “It has never been about the almighty dollar here.”

Davis figured why not help people while he can because, sometimes, it’s more than just serving food.

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