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5 Amazing Ways Local Research is Making Advancements of Technology for People in Your Community

This article about advancements of technology is sponsored by the University of Utah.

There are technological advancements happening in our state every day that are leading to incredible improvements to our quality of life. Here are three that are going to help you and the people you love:

The LUKE Arm

Advancements of technology

The LUKE arm gives amputees a sense of touch, allowing them to feel how firmly or softly they are holding an item. Photo: University of Utah

The LUKE Arm is going to change the way amputees interact with the world around them. This prosthetic can electrically connect the user’s remaining arm nerves and muscles to this artificial arm. They’re calling it Life Under Kinetic Evolution, or LUKE for short. And most unbelievable of all, amputees have even been able to feel touch again!

3D Printing Cells

Advancements in technology

Photo: Robby Bowles/University of Utah College of Engineering

This is absolutely something you would see in a science fiction movie. But right now 3D printing human tissue cells is something that is becoming a very real possibility. A person with a damaged ligament, tendon, or ruptured disc could have replacement tissue printed and implanted. This is according to a paper published in the Journal of Tissue Engineering.

Portable Reusable COVID-19 Test

Photo: University of Utah Dan Hixson/College of Engineering

COVID-19 has pushed our community and the economy to its limits. But a portable and reusable test developed by engineering professor Massood Tabib-Azar could simplify the testing process. Then all you would need is a single drop of saliva to test. Then it would only take seconds to find out the results.

Treating Diabetes with Sea Snails

In 2018, the American Diabetes Association said there are about 7.4 million people with diabetes in the US who use insulin. Now sea snails might be the answer in the advancement of treatment. U of U Health assistant professor of biochemistry Danny Hung-Chieh Chou says they can “create a hybrid version of insulin that works in humans.” This could help millions of Americans!

More Advancements of Technology are Right Around the Corner

These advancements in technology at the University of Utah will now have further help progressing. The University of Utah Accepted an invitation to be a member of the Association of American Universities. University of Utah President Ruth V. Watkins said. “This will open new paths for our researchers and our institution to be at the forefront of higher education research, education, programs, and policies.” Check out how research and innovation at the University of Utah are going to keep progressing HERE.

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