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Farmington Family Struggles With Socializing Teens And Coronavirus Safety

FARMINGTON, Utah – New coronavirus cases across Utah are being led by a significant spike in cases in young people 15- to 24-year-olds which illustrates the struggles they face to be safe while socializing as young people do.

Getting those high school and college aged kids to follow guidelines is hard and the Duncan family in Farmington explained why it’s such a struggle.

There are four daughters in the family, two teens, a 20 year-old, and an almost-teen.

They are dealing with the same reality that other young people face.

Ellie Duncan is 15-years old. She said they do their best to stay safe. “We just try and keep it like down small numbers, like we don’t like to hang out with a ton of people.”

15-year old Ellie Duncan (KSL-TV)

No one’s perfect, but we can all do better.

“It’s hard to social distance from friends, especially when no one else is really, so you’re really just looking at what everyone else is doing,” said 17-year old Kaylie Duncan.

Still, they do try.

The other reality is that they have vulnerable loved ones, including grandparents.

“I don’t want to be the one that gives them the coronavirus and is detrimental to their health,” said 20-year old university student McKinley Duncan.

Plus, McKinley has her own medical concerns.

“I have an auto-immune disease, and anyone that comes to school or is around me that’s not being cautious can get me really sick,” she said.

Their parents, like many parents, do their best reminding them to wear masks.

“The second they’re out of school, they’re off, and they’re with their friends, and life is back to normal,” said mother Jamie Duncan.

There are often no markings and no posted reminders in social life.

“We know the risk for children is not high, and we know that if they get it, they’re going to be fine. We’re worried about them being the super-spreaders that are asymptomatic, they’re putting it out to other people,” Dad Bryan Duncan said.

As Davis Schools prepare to go back to full-size classes four days a week, the Duncans say they’re concerned about that too, and concerned for the teachers.

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