7 Tips How to Quit Smoking | Quitting Smoking Might be One of the Hardest Things You Ever Do but Here’s Where You Can Start

Jul 28, 2022, 8:25 AM | Updated: Aug 31, 2022, 3:31 pm
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For most people who smoke, it’s a constant battle. Saying to yourself “I’ve got to quit smoking” or “I don’t want to smoke anymore” doesn’t prevent you from buying another pack or prevent you from lighting up. So how do you stop? Here are 7 tips how to quit smoking to help you on your quitting journey.

Tips How to Quit Smoking Starts with Finding YOUR Reason

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Quitting can seem daunting and extremely difficult. To quit, you’re going to need a powerful reason to quit in the first place. You might want to lower your chances of heart disease, lung cancer. or other kinds of health conditions. You could be wanting to protect your family and close friends and close friends from secondhand smoke. Whatever reason you find to quit, it needs to be one that can outweigh the urge to light another cigarette up. The truth is you don’t have to quit, but you can choose to do it for the benefits it can bring to your life.

Get Support from Your Family and Friends

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When your family and friends know you are trying to quit, they can help push you to keep going. Make sure to be specific about the ways that are helping you, and the ways that aren’t. Usually, positive reinforcement will help most people. Things like activities to keep your mind off of smoking, general encouragement, and even milestone celebrations can absolutely help!

Avoid Triggers

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Triggers can make the process the hardest. Alcohol especially can set off cravings for nicotine. And avoiding anything else that you have enjoyed with a cigarette, like coffee, might be out for a while. That’s ok though! Try replacing it with something else. Take a walk, brush your teeth, replace coffee with tea. Find what works best for you.

Get Rid of Most Smoking-Related Items

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Getting rid of lighters and ashtrays is a great start. But many smokers who quit find that cravings can be much worse if the ability to smoke is removed. That’s why a lot of people who have quit keep a pack with them. It’s not only a great reminder for the goals you have set for yourself, but it also means you CAN smoke, but that you are just making the decision not to.

Try a Smoking Quitline

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First and foremost, calling a quitline should not feel like you are defeated. Quitlines like WaytoQuit.org‘s 1-800-QUIT-NOW can be one of the best resources out there for individuals looking to kick the habit. That’s because it’s a completely judgment-free zone. You’ll speak with people who are not only trained to help you quit, and you’re 2x more likely to successfully quit if you talk to a coach. They can help you create a plan, help get you anti-smoking medications, give you tips, and help you to stay quit!

Use Exercise to Help With Cravings

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Exercising can help minimize nicotine cravings and help with your withdrawal symptoms. When you want to reach for a cigarette, try going for a jog instead. Even mild exercise can help with your cravings. Even just walking your dog or pulling weeds in your garden. You might also burn some calories, which is great since quitting can often lead to weight gain.

Don’t Try Dieting While Quitting

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Don’t try to diet as you are quitting. Taking away everything at the same time can really make the process more difficult, even to the point where you just don’t end up quitting. Take it one step at a time, and you can start a diet once your cravings start to subside if you feel like you would like to. Make the process of quitting as comfortable for yourself as possible since it definitely won’t be a walk in the park.

Reward Yourself with the Money You Save NOT Smoking

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Smoking isn’t cheap. Especially if you are smoking more than a pack a day. When you quit, you’re going to save money. So take it and spend it on something just for you. How much? Here’s a calculator to see just how much you could save just by not smoking.

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7 Tips How to Quit Smoking | Quitting Smoking Might be One of the Hardest Things You Ever Do but Here’s Where You Can Start