The Best Ways to Style Rattan Pendant Lighting in Your Home

Jun 10, 2022, 10:12 AM | Updated: Jun 30, 2022, 12:16 pm
Many rattan pendant lights, hay hang from the ceiling.Traditional and simple lighting....
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Rattan pendant lightingThis article about rattan pendant lighting is sponsored by Lighting Design.

Rattan pendant lighting is making a comeback

Vintage retro dining room with rattan pendant lighting

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Rattan is growing in popularity in interior design, and rattan pendant lighting is a simple way you can capture the new wave. As rattan becomes more common in home décor, you will see a lot more of it in stores and staged homes. 

But rattan is not just for use in outdoor furniture or beach getaways. This versatile material is encountered in all kinds of different indoor furniture items to mix and match your look. We’ve found rattan uses across the board in mirrors, headboards, chairs, dressers, and tables, to name a few. Brands even paint different colors of the material, so you can play around with varying palettes in your space.   

Modern rattan pendant lighting hanging against color wall

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History of rattan

Weaving natural materials is an ancient art form that dates back as far as the earliest civilizations of Egypt. This means rattan is truly a timeless material. The current application of rattan is a trend revival from the 1960s and 70s. Still, even before then, it was commonly used with wicker woven furniture tracing as far back as the Victorian Era. 

Over time, wicker weaving quickly popularized in beach and island resorts, as well as in coastal homes and outdoor patio settings. Eventually, people in urban cities started to incorporate this design element into their homes. The style evokes the memories of a vacation getaway, ties organic materials into their décor, and adds bohemian features to mixed-use spaces. Now modern homes are mixing in rattan to give it a contemporary revamp. 

Styling your rattan pendant lighting

The beauty of rattan is apparent in its handcrafted tones and textures. It adds visual warmth and rustic elements to any space. The material is light and makes any room feel fresher, spacious, and breezy. Thus, the material captures both retro and nostalgic looks, while also being casual and comfortable. 

Close up for modern living room interior to complement rattan pendant lighting

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You can complement the material with other warm elements like black metal, furry accent pillows, and leather furniture—or add more rattan furniture to create a coherent theme. Rattan looks stunning when paired right with organic forms and shapes. 

Rattan pendant lights come in various shapes and sizes, making it easy to find something that fits your room and budget. Support a local business and search for a wide variety of rattan pendant lighting options from Lighting Design here in Draper, Utah.

Many rattan pendant lights, hay hang from the ceiling.Traditional and simple lighting.

Photo: Adobe Stock

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The Best Ways to Style Rattan Pendant Lighting in Your Home