5B45 - Five Before Five

Audie Quinn, 3, has been going to classes at Kindermusik with his mom for the last nine months. (KS...
Ashley Moser

Music helps to ignite all areas of child development

Getting about a dozen toddlers to focus is not as difficult as you would expect when music is involved.
1 month ago
Childhood development experts say simple tasks like trips to the grocery store and cooking dinner a...
Ashley Moser, KSL TV

Use everyday activities to teach your young children how to talk, read and count

Childhood development experts say simple tasks like trips to the grocery store and cooking dinner are perfect opportunities to teach your young children vital skills.
3 months ago
FILE: Last year, Rachel Love instantly started home-schooling her kids like many other working moms...
Ashley Moser

Childhood development experts say ‘messy play’ is important for babies and toddlers

While a parent’s instinct may be to clean up the chaos, experts say letting them get dirty as they play and explore the world is key to their development.
4 months ago
Ashley Moser, KSL TV

Reading diverse and inclusive books teaches children empathy, experts say

Fenise Dort recognizes the power of a good book. which is why see brings her three young grandchildren to the Orem Public Library every week.
5 months ago
Ashley Moser, KSL TV

Children can still feel love through screen time interactions, experts say 

For young children, after two years of the pandemic, more of their interactions have been on a screen than in-person.
7 months ago
Ashley Moser, KSL TV

Riverton mom says easiest way to teach children love is through service

There are many ways to teach your little ones about love, but Zoie Farmer believes the best and easiest of them all, is through service. 
8 months ago
Sylvia Espinoza reads with her daughter Edith. (KSL TV)...
Ashley Moser, KSL TV

Reading with children in a native language is key to bilingual learning 

Reading with your young ones every day is one of the best ways to build connections in their brains and with family. Studies have shown why it’s even more important to read books written in the same language that is spoken at home. 
9 months ago
Children at the Creative Learning Academy of Utah gather for mealtime. (KSL TV)...
Aley Davis & Ashley Moser, KSL TV

How to turn mealtime into a brain building activity for young children

Eating foods loaded with vitamins and nutrients is important for brain development in young children, but child education experts say there's even more you can do in the kitchen to make it a meaningful experience.
10 months ago
Sophie Longueville Leifson practices counting fruit snacks with her three-year-old son, Liam. She a...
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Teaching Children To Count Before They Start Kindergarten Gives Them Life-Long Skills

If little children, five years old and younger, have been learning numbers and counting in the home, experts said they will be better prepared for the classroom. One Orem mother shared how she takes advantage of everyday activities to teach her son.
1 year ago
Miriam Martin says her kids’ favorite thing to do right now is play ‘store’ or ‘restaurant....
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Play Is Essential To Children’s Brain Development, Experts Say

Parents have a big responsibility in the early years teaching a child to talk, read and county, but child development specialists say play is equally important and often overlooked.
1 year ago
Lisa Hackwell with Neighborhood House says little kids zero to five-years-old are like little spong...
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Talking To Children Is Critical For Brain Development, No Matter What Language Is Spoken

A child's vocabulary grows every single day, making it important for parents to talk with their children as often as possible, no matter what language they speak at home.
1 year ago
Erica and Seth Richardson love reading to their three little kids. They say it stimulates their you...
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Reading To Young Children Stimulates Brain Development, Creates Nurturing Environment

Research from the 5B45 initiative showed the more words little children were exposed to, especially before they turn five-years-old, the better. Experts said reading not only builds their brains, but helps a child feel nurtured and loved.
1 year ago
Travis and Nichelle Allred play with their two-year-old daughter, Madeline. They use an app called ...
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Vroom App Gives Parents Tips On Brain Building Basics For Kids Under 5 Years Old

For parents, the responsibility of helping their children learn can sometimes be overwhelming. One Utah couple is using an app to create a better learning environment for their young daughter.
1 year ago
Emily McFarland says her girls light up when they hear their parents tell them something they love ...
Aley Davis, KSL TV

Affection Critical For Young Children’s Brain Development

Valentine's Day isn't just a day to share romantic love. Experts say everyone needs to feel loved, especially young, developing children. As part of the statewide 5B45 campaign, one Utah couple shares how they try to show individual love to their kids all year long.
2 years ago
Lindsay Wade tries to make a habit of reading with her children. Reading is one of the five ways pa...
Aley Davis & Deanie Wimmer, KSL TV

5 Ways Parents Help Children Under Age 5 Prepare For Future

Children’s brains grow the most before they start kindergarten. That's why KSL is introducing 5B45, a statewide early childhood development campaign designed to give parents the resources they need to prepare their kids for the future. As one Utah mom knows, it all starts at home.
2 years ago
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