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2-Year-Old Burned By Pressure Cooker After Contents ‘Exploded’

BURLEY, IDAHO – A 2-year-old Idaho boy was burned by a pressure cooker that his mom said “exploded” just as the toddler ran into the kitchen, causing severe burns all over his little body.

The incident happened two weeks ago inside the family’s Burley, Idaho home. Two-year-old Chayse Bodily suffered burns over 14 percent of his body.

Chayse’s mother, Angela Bodily, said the energetic boy was back to his normal self – running and dancing around the house like any toddler would. It’s a big deal, considering the severe burns he suffered.

Travis Bodily(left) encourages Chayse to put basketballs through his small basket. It’s a part of his therapy in getting him to raise his arms to make sure the skin in his upper body heals properly.

Angela Bodily said she was preparing a roast dinner in a pressure cooker.

“I reached up to grab a cup, because I was going to get some drippings for gravy,” Angela explained. “Then it was just like a bubble formed and a bomb went off. It just went ‘Boom!'”

Just a moment before, Angela says Chayse had run into the kitchen.

“It just poured all over him,” she said. “I (saw) him slipping in it, and covered in it.”

Chayse’s father, Travis Bodily, immediately ran over to help.

“I grabbed him and took him into our bathroom,” Travis said. “I (tried) to get him under the water, but he’s two, so he was not cooperating and he was hurting.”

Chase Bodily dances to music playing on his mother’s phone.

Angela said at that moment, she saw just how bad the burns were.

“The skin was just sliding off his body,” Angela said. “It was the scariest thing to see your child’s skin, coming off his body.”

Chayse and his mother were flown to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, where he ultimately spent 12 days undergoing treatment.

“For the first three days, we cried,” Angela said. “It was really hard.”

“It was hard to see him like that,” Travis added.

Angela Bodily said she was still not sure what went wrong with the pressure cooker. She said she has had plenty of experience using them in the past.

“I loved them. Absolutely loved them,” Angela said. “I used them all the time. I don’t know if I can ever use one again.”

Speaking to KSL, Angela urged other parents to be careful – both with pressure cookers, and around the kitchen.

“You’re in a hurry. You’re trying to make dinner. You’re trying to multi-task, because our lives get so busy,” Angela said. “Always be aware of where your children are.”

Angela Bodily shows where her pressure cooker was when she says liquids inside burst as she opened it.

The Bodilys continue to take Chayse in for regular outpatient treatments. Their family has set up a fundraising page to help with the costs.

KSL 5 TV Live

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