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Scoring The Best Deals For Next Week’s Amazon Prime Days

Amazon Prime Days start early Monday morning with thousands of price drops and door-buster deals similar to what you can find on Black Friday. So, we asked tech columnist Amy Iverson for some techniques we can use to snag the best deals.

“I don’t think it’s too much hype,” said Iverson. “So, this is the time where you’re getting those killer deals. These are the things you’ve been looking for all year long and these are the two days when you’re going to get the best deal.”

Amy Iverson


Iverson says getting the best deal starts by watching Amazon now. You don’t have to wait until Monday to see the upcoming deals.

“Right now you can go on and see upcoming deals. And, there’s a way if you turn on notification in your settings, then you’ll get an update,” Iverson explained. “It’ll say, ‘Hey, this just went on sale!’ and so then you won’t miss those things.”

So, plan ahead and note when the items you want go on sale and then get the notification when the sale starts.


Iverson said the best way to seize those limited-time deals is to use the Amazon app so those alerts go to your phone right away. Prime members have another reason to install the app.

“Right now, they’re giving $10 of Amazon money if you’re going on and it’s your first time signing onto that app,” said Iverson.


Iverson also recommended using price comparison apps like Honey or CamelCamelCamel. Both are browser extensions that can track price fluctuations of Amazon items over the long term.

“It’ll show you, ‘Oh, last March, it was only this much and it’s actually this much today.’ So, it’s not a good deal,” said Iverson.


Don’t forget about your Amazon Echo device. Iverson said that in the past, Amazon has given preferential treatment to people who have Amazon smart home devices.

“You can even do that right now. Just ask Alexa what the deals are, and you could be getting some deals nobody else is getting,” said Iverson.


Generally, Prime Days deals come in three varieties. Deals of the Day run 24 hours, while Prime Day exclusives will last the entire promotion or until they are sold out.

But a Lightning Deal means you only have minutes to snag a doorbuster like bargain. Iverson advised turning on the one-click to purchase and try the waitlist for Lightning Deals that appear to be sold out.

“What happens is people who put it (lightning deal item) in their cart and then they forget to push purchase,” explained Iverson. “People only have 15 minutes once they put those Lightning Deals in their cart to actually buy it. And, if they don’t, it pops up for sale again and you might be able to get it.”


Amazon’s competitors are keenly aware of Prime Days, so you might find even more compelling deals on their websites.

“So, you’ll see during Prime Days, Target, Kohl’s, Walmart and all of these other retailers will be doing really good deals too because they’re trying to pull you away from Amazon,” said Iverson.

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