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COVID-19 Impacting Snow Removal In Woodland Hills

WOODLAND HILLS, Utah — With the pandemic not showing any signs of leaving with the changing season, the city of Woodland Hills has noticed just one example of how COVID-19 could affect Utahns this winter. 

The mountain community spends months preparing for the snowy seasons. This year was no different, but for one COVID delay, that could put a damper on the roads.

“We love the snow here in Woodland Hills, but when it comes, it comes,” said Kari Malkovich, a Woodland Hills city council member.

It’s the one thing we can count on with the changing leaves, snow will soon follow.

“We usually get between 4 and 500 inches, so we’re a snow community,” said Malkovich. “But yes, we’re concerned.”

But as with everything else, this season is sure to be unlike any other.

The City of Woodland Hills has already experienced the ripple effects of the pandemic in a seemingly unlikely place.

“Yes, we bought these new snow plows in the beginning of summer,” she said.

The city’s two snow plows are all ready to go, but for one minor detail that makes a big difference.

“They reassure us that they are going to be here any day,” said Malkovich. “We’re going to cross our fingers.”

The blades for the snow plows are MIA.

“What’s called a Mag 500 blade with Tungsten Insert,” she said.

The high strength steel blades are made to last all season. Without them, the standard issue carbide steel blade won’t go very far.

“It would not last. Through roads, it would only last about four hours,”said Malkovich.

Kari said COVID is the culprit in the delay.

“They’re actually manufactured in Salt Lake, but the supplies come from back east,” she said. “With supply chain disruptions from COVID, they haven’t been able to get all of the parts.”

So if a heavy winter storm rolls in before the arrival of the new blades, residents in Woodland Hills should prepare for some delays on the roads.

“We would be on a COVID delay, and everybody would be working from home,” the councilwoman said. “Oh, good thing we are already doing that.”

Meanwhile, Kari said they’ve got plenty of salt and will keep at least the main roads plowed, but she reminded everyone that patience will be the virtue of this season.

“Be patient and realize we are all trying to do our best,” she said.

Councilwoman Malkovich said residents can also track snow conditions on the city’s Live Camera feed.

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