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Cache Valley Couple Creates Snowshoe Art In Logan Canyon

LOGAN CANYON, Utah – A Cache Valley couple is gaining some surprise attention after using their snowshoes and math skills to create artwork that is on display for drivers in Logan Canyon.

“Lot of fun, a lot of exercise,” said snow artist Eric Flygare.

He is a man of precision, patience, and to be honest, a man, frustrated by a dry winter. That’s what pushed him and his wife Amy Flygare to try something new.

“Like three weeks,” she said. Eric Flygare laughed, “Yeah, we just barely started three weeks ago.”

Flygare stomps out the design while his wife helps and shoots the video.

It’s a combination of using his experience as an engineer to create art.

“It’s not super-easy,” Flygare said. “I mean, so I taught scouts orienteering for many, many years and so I’m like ‘I’ve got a compass, I can do this.’”

The couple had some practice making art pieces on the family farm.

“We’d see airplanes flying by and just start circling around, so I guess a few people saw it,” Flygare said.

That made them try for a wider audience. Granted, carving out the snow was not as easy.

They did it by knowing precisely where they were going without being able to see the big picture from above.

The art really is miles of carefully planned footsteps, counting them and carefully plotting out the angles.

“You set a point off in the distance and count steps until you get to that point,” Flygare explained.

One design took more than three hours to tromp out.

“But you’re in the mountains. It’s beautiful and it’s awesome to be up there,” Amy Flygare said.

Eric Flygare has some more designs, and hey’ll probably do it again.

“People keep asking if we’re going to be sad when it snows and covers this up. But, we’re like, ‘We’re waiting for the snow.’ This is just kind of killing time until we can get into the good powder, you know,” Flygare said.

Getting to that next solid storm can take some patience too.

You can see their work in Logan Canyon, just south of the turnoff to Franklin Basin.  It’s in the distance from the main highway.

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