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Millcreek Community Celebrates Halloween With Terminally Ill 11-year-old

MILLCREEK, Utah – It’s August and if you head to the store you’re most likely going to find back-to-school supplies. Halloween costumes aren’t exactly in high demand as News Specialist Ashley Kewish found. However, for one community, Halloween has come more than two months early.

“This is a great day,” exclaimed Cindy Thorpe from her Millcreek kitchen.

On Friday evening, she was having some costume make-up applied by a friend. It’s not every day she does something like that.

“No, not at all,” Thorpe said with a laugh.

She’s doing it for her son, Corbin.

“Corbin’s favorite holiday is Halloween,” she said.

Even his cerebral palsy hasn’t got in way of a good costume over the years.

Corbin’s older brother, Taylor flipped through pictures proudly showing off past Halloween costumes he helped create that would incorporate his brother’s wheelchair.

This year, Corbin is Batman and Taylor is Robin. Every superhero needs a sidekick, and in this case, maybe it’s one of those times where the older brother looks up to the younger brother.

“Buckle him in the Batmobile,” Taylor instructed to another family member as they lifted Corbin into his wheelchair.

Corbin is also blind and suffers from seizures.

“(The doctors) told me he would last one day,” Thorpe said.

Corbin is now 11 years old.

On Friday, Halloween came a bit early. It wasn’t so much about the tricks or the treats. It’s more about celebrating a favorite holiday.

The entire community came together to make it a day to remember. Neighbors stocked up on Halloween candy, kids and adults wore costumes – all this because the clock is ticking.

“His body is shutting down and it’s tired,” said Thorpe. “He’s ready to go and we need to respect that. We’re having a celebration of his life before he passes.”

Doctors said Corbin won’t make it to October 31st.

“Happy Halloween,” shouted one neighbor as Corbin made his way around the neighborhood.

“He knows this is special,” Thorpe said.

It may look and feel like a time to celebrate, but the true meaning set in for sidekick who has never left his brother’s side.

“There are no words,” Taylor said through tears. “I just can’t.”

Corbin may not have his sight, but you don’t have to see to feel loved.

“It’s amazing,” Thorpe said. “This is the best goodbye we could ever ask for.”

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