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Utah Professional Golfer Attacked By Dog Near His Home

MURRAY, Utah – A dog and her owner are recovering Monday night at home following an attack by a pit bull.

Bryant Boshard is holding his dog, “Lady” a little closer tonight. On Saturday, he says he and his wife were just a couple blocks away from their Murray home walking the dogs when they noticed a pit bull coming out of a house.

“It just was coming and tearing down the street right here,” said Boshard, motioning to the area near his home.

He said what happened next was a blur.

“It just bolted right at us, and before I could even intervene, he just locked his jaws right on Lady,” he said. “I put my hands in its mouth and just opened as hard as I could. I got the dog off, and then the dog came for me and got my hand, my face, my stomach and my knees.”

He said the pit bull then attacked Lady again before the owner ran out and stopped the dog.

“It’s scary that this happened, but I’m glad it wasn’t a child,” he said.

He also feels lucky his injuries aren’t worse. Boshard is a professional golfer.

“It would have been pretty sad to lose a hand or lose function in a hand,” Boshard said.

Lady is expected to recover, and Boshard is hopeful he can return to work soon. He has a golf tournament in St. George next weekend.

He hopes if anything can come from his experience, is it can serve as a reminder to everyone to be more aware.

“You can’t be too careful,” he said. “To the owners who have vicious dogs, please use your leashes.”

The pit bull owner has offered to cover the $600 in veterinarian bills.

“She just apologized and felt awful,” he said.

The pit bull is now being held in quarantine for 10 days before its fate is decided.

Boshard said he doesn’t necessarily want the pit bull to be put down. He is a dog lover and hopes the animal can be rehabilitated.

“Be careful and don’t trust every dog that comes at you,” he said

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