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Baby Suffers 2nd-Degree Burns From Hot Door Threshold

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A Utah County toddler is recovering from second-degree burns after crawling over a back door metal threshold panel.

“It was a split second,” Layla Overman, the 14-month-old’s mother, said. “He followed me in the house without me knowing. Once he passed through the door, he started screaming. Immediately, there were giant blisters on his hand and toes.”

The family of five attended an extended family backyard barbecue Sunday afternoon at an aunt’s home in Lindon. The temperatures were nearing triple digits.

“I put him on the grass next to his siblings, and Mr. Independent followed me inside,” Overman said. “We were looking around thinking, ‘What did he burn himself on?’ My mother-in-law went to touch the metal threshold that connects the inside to the back porch, and it was scorching hot.”

The metal walking threshold was in direct sunlight, and it’s estimated it was anywhere from 150 – 275 degrees to the touch.

These metal door connectors are standard in most homes.

“You don’t really notice the metal piece down here because it’s meant to be a seamless transition from door to patio,” Overman said.

Pediatric nurses confirm they see more burn cases from these metal thresholds when outside temperatures skyrocket.

“I felt bad. I felt guilty,” Overman said. “I was worried for what his future would look like. When a baby burns their hands and skin is still growing – it’s hard to do skin grafts.”

The bandage on toddler Wild’s hand will be removed in 3-4 weeks.

“Knowledge is power,” Overman said. “I hope anyone who sees this story will talk to their kids and remind them to not walk barefoot in or out of the house, over those thresholds. For Wild, it was just a split second; he put his palm right on that metal threshold and dragged his little foot across it.”

She said Wild spent Sunday in the ER. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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