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Weber County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue helped save a litter of puppies near the Monte Cristo Trailhead on Dec. 1, 2019. (Photo: Weber County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue)
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Weber County Search And Rescue Helps Save Puppies Found In Wilderness

MONTE CRISTO, Utah – Two snowmobilers on Sunday came across a litter of new puppies in the wilderness.

With the help of the Weber County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue, the couple was able to save the puppies.

According to Facebook post from the WCSO, search and rescue teams were at the nearby Monte Cristo Trailhead prepping for the season when they received a call that some snowmobilers had discovered the stranded puppies.

“I was on my way up with a snowcat,” said WCSO Lt. Mark Horton. “We’re trying to get ready for our winter season up there. State Parks got ahold of me saying that a couple was looking for help with trying to rescue some great pyrenees puppies.”

“We don’t normally go save animals,” he added. “But if you’re in the situation and you can help, we’re more than happy to help.”

On Sunday afternoon Search & Rescue was up at the Monte Cristo trailhead getting ready for the winter season with the…

Posted by Weber County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue on Sunday, December 1, 2019

Authorities attached a sled to a snowmobile and followed the couple to where the puppies had been located. The mother was reportedly also in the area, but crews were unable to get her to come with them.

“We tried a couple times and couldn’t get near her,” Horton said.

He said he believes another crew is going to attempt to bring the mother dog in sometime Monday.

Horton said great pyrenees are “great sheep herding dogs,” and the mother may have left a herd of sheep to have her puppies before the storm rolled in. During the heavy snow, the herd may have been moved out and the mother accidentally left behind.

“That’s what we’re thinking may have happened,” he said.

The couple that discovered the puppies are now helping to find them new homes, according to WCSO.