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Police are asking for the public's help after an Eagle Mountain family's dog was shot and killed June 13, 2020
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Eagle Mountain Family Says Dog Shot, Killed While Daughter Played Nearby

EAGLE MOUNTAIN, Utah – The Masson family said their 4-year-old mini pinscher was shot and killed Saturday as they played outside.

Michael Masson said as he and his daughter jumped on their trampoline, they heard what sounded like fireworks coming from the hill above their property.

“I realized it was a gunshot, and we saw my dog run down the hill,” Masson said. “He only made it 10 – 15 feet down the hill before he laid down.”

Masson looked up the hill to see who was responsible for firing the weapon and injuring the dog, named Lucky.

“That’s when I noticed two individuals walking over and kind of looking directly at him and watching him kind of lay down,” he said. “And then they turned around and walked away.”

Their home near Eagle Top Court is next to a bike path where many children play, and it’s also where the family’s dog was shot. The family said they were sure what happened to Lucky wasn’t an accident.

“We think that they definitely know that it was a dog,” Nicole Masson said.

The family made the choice to rush Lucky to the pet hospital, but unfortunately the injury was too severe.

“The bullet went all the way through his abdomen and out the other side,” Nicole Masson said.

The family buried Lucky in their back yard and hoped his story would serve as a warning to others to keep their pets close — especially if they’re as close as family.

“It just really, really hurts, it’s like you know these pets really do mean a lot,” Nicole Masson said.

If you have any information about this shooting, call Det. Dallin Turner at 801-851-4023.

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